Is the world going to end sometime soon?

Well my cousin has been haunting me and he has been saying the world is going to end in 2012 but i think not he says if it doesn't end in 2012 then it ends January 1st 2013 but i really don't think so it just a scare that goes around to worry people scientists have more proof that it's not gonna end i know this because i have been on lots of website and they said it's not so

1. the moon and another planet will not come to the earth

2. the sun will not burn out

3. there will be no tornado or earthquakes and volcanoes going around the world

4. there will be no tsunami's around the world

5. there will be no meteors on the earth

6. scientists have no proof

7. people have guessed before that the world would end and it never happened

8. the earth is in good shape

9. the sun has been up forever and it never stopped showing light

10. the moon sun and again as i said another planet WILL NOT crash in earth

And that is how i know the WORLD WILL NOT END IN 2012 OR 2013 sorry but it's not happening so don't worry about anything

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    Just to be going on with, here's a list of things that won't happen in 2012, particularly December 21st:

    Planetary alignments: There aren't any alignments of more than 2 planets.

    Alignment of Sun with centre of galaxy: Can't happen because the centre of the galaxy is not in the plane of the Earth's orbit.

    Once in 26,000 year alignment of the solstice sun and galactic equator: Happened in 1998. Did anything happen as a result? Of course not. Alignments mean nothing in measurable physical terms anyway.

    Passing of the Solar System through the galactic central plane: Won't happen for 30 million years or so.

    Planet X/Nibiru: Doesn't exist. If it was the size the claimants describe and following the trajectory they indicate, it would now be visible to the naked eye.

    Pole shift: Magnetic pole reversal takes thousands of years and may not start for thousands of years. There is no reason to link it with 2012. As for rotational pole shift, that would take a huge amount of force on the Earth. Where is this force going to come from? Basically, it's a physical impossibility.

    Solar storms: The Sun is due to reach a maximum in its 11 year cycle in 2013, not 2012 as some doom merchants tell you. No reason to suppose the next peak will be any more energetic than normal.

    26,000 year precessional movement of Earth's axis: Doesn't 'begin', 'end' or 'wobble' but carries on smoothly and unnoticed by all.

    The doomsday cranks like to tell us that lots of other cultures predicted the end of the world for this date. That and 'predictions' by the Bible, I Ching and Nostradamus have all been contrived to agree with this date and are all false.

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    Well scientists have recently discovered another star that is going to die and cause a solar flare and Earth just happens to be in the line of fire.

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    No, those hoaxes were started by movie makers and a bad documentary. This is a link to NASA to de-bunk those stories:

    So, relax.

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    <<Is the world going to end sometime soon?>>


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    Trust me something is going down, whether it's catastrophic or not.

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