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What can I do at home to stop me from getting bored and constantly snacking?

Okay so I am on summer holidays and I am not going away for a few weeks but most of my friends are already away!1 What can I do at home that will stop me from getting bored and when I am bored I just snack away!! NOT GOOD!

Things that dont require me going out and spending money, I dont want to spend my whole summer at the shopping mall!

Thanks Guys!

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    water water water.. with sugarless flavor. That helps me (and not having junk food in the house)

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    drink loads of water or crystal lite drink 8 8oz glasses an afternoon... purchase some Stride fruit gum and bite toddler bite! attempt ingesting a %. of oatmeal from Kashi each morning for breakfast with a a million/2 a banana then a hour or 2 later eat the different a million/2 of the banana eat a protein for lunch with some fruit ...a afternoon snack like celery with peanut butter then eat dinner ..for at nighttime eat a million/2 bag of no butter no salt popcorn in case you are able to positioned some Mrs sprint on it yet do no longer eat a minimum of a hour a million/2 in the previous bedtime. save your self in this schedule and in the previous you be conscious of it you will start to no longer crave a similar meals and could no longer elect to snack as plenty... follow it! you would be advantageous

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    You could...

    Go for a walk each day

    Volunteer somewhere

    Start running/cycling

    Drawing, writing, painting & reading

    Start writing a book

    Start keeping a diary

    Start a blog

    Get a pen pal

    Clean the whole house

    Invite someone round who you haven't seen for a while

    Offer to walk an old persons dog for them

    Raise money for charity

    Not the MOST fun stuff in the world but it'd make you feel good

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    grab some will-power and quit snacking all the time. What the hell is wrong with you?

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