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I don't speak English well, but should I become a Math teacher or somthing else?

I was born in America, but when I was 1 year old i moved to Korea and lived about 15 years.

Of course I was born in America, but my first language is Korean since I lived in Korea for 15 years.

I moved to America 2~3 years ago and started from freshman in high school.

Now, I'm becoming a senior and I really have problem choosing what I should I do for a living in the future. I was in ESL program for 2 years and I still have problem with speaking and listening even reading English.

I'm pretty sure that Math is my best subject and I was thinking about becoming a Math teacher.

I enjoy Math and I really get good grades in Math.

I took Calculus AP when I was in sophomore and I was picked in top 50 students in county math competition.

But the problem is I really "suck" at English whether its speaking, writing, or reading.

Also in SAT, I get perfect score in math but I do terribly in reading and writing section.

I want to get job in America and in order to become teacher, I believe you have to be good at speaking English and listen to them, but I think I really lack in speaking English that I'm not sure I can teach students well.

I'm now becoming senior in high school and I still have few years to learn English more, but I'm very worried about becoming Math teacher because of the fact that English is my not first language. Should I become a math teacher or something else? and Is there any job that I can consider when I enjoy Math???

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    Go to college in the US to improve your English. Get your teaching credential in Math. Students will not learn well from you unless you improve your English. High school kids have to be motivated in many cases and if they do not understand you, it will be hard to motivate them.

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    Accounting is another job that you may enjoy. But don't worry you'll make it. I would get a program to help you with english, considering math is most students problem subject, you want them to understand you plainly.

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    You will be a Maths teacher through your continuous efforts! No problem! Good luck!

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    It sounds like a good option. Keep working on you language skills.

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