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this is a girl question, please help :(?

So I got my period on June 5, and it usually comes a week early or like a week late. Well, I'm signed up for camp to go July 5 for that week. On Tuesday (July 6) we always take a swim test. What should I do if I'm on my period? I don't like tampons! Should I just do the swim test then go tell the councelor I need to go to the bathroom? I usually don't leak in the water.


let me refine, I WON'T USE A TAMPON.

Update 2:

This is also in a really, really, really dirty lake. It's gross, if your swimming you can't see your feet below you.

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    You know, I would tell the councilor before the swim test because even though you may think you don't bleed in the water doesn't mean you can't. and believe me, I don't like tampons either. I just think it would be safer that way because during your period, you don't stop bleeding, so how embarrassing do you think it would be if you started bleeding during the swim test? Just to be on the safe side, I'd tell the councilor first! :) Hope I helped!

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    WHy don't you like tampons?? I love them! But yeah I would put a pantiliner in and then after you gt out go to the bathroom and change right away.

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    I myself, hate pads as opposed to tampons, but if you aren't planning to use them anytime soon, that's okay.

    Just go and tell someone that you can't go swimming for medical reasons (especially if its a woman teacher, i imagine it'd be more comfortable and they'd figure something out for you).

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    just practice putting in a tampon so you can get used to it.

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