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How do I cool down a chutney receipe?

Just made some mango chutney and the spices are a little too hot for me. Any ideas on what to add to cool it down a little. It has mango, ginger, garlic, raisins, red pepper flakes (yes I added too many..duh) brown sugar, pinch cloves, onion...just so you know the flavors

Many thanks


It has vinegar in and that would not cool it down.

Update 2:

Robert, Thank you for a sensible suggestion. I am actually an excellent cook,, but do not make chutney often. I do not have the ingredients right now to make it again and I am watching Wimbledon so shopping is out. However, I do make a lot of curries and your suggestion is an excellent one. I love Korma, but never made a Mango one. You have given me food for thought. Thank you so much.

Update 3:

IDNSFG Thank you for your reply. I have to go with Robert as I used his idea and now have a great meal for my Husband tonight.

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    the most obvious way is to make another batch without pepper flakes an mix as it keeps for ages. alternatively keep it spicy and use it as the main ingredient in curry's and tone it down by adding sour cream or yoghurt to make "chicken(or vegetable)" and mango korma.

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    purely Grind 2 make the chutney Take some dhania patta, garlic, green chilly, tomato / tamarind (dhania chutney) Mint leaves(pudina), Zeera, green chilly (Pudina Chutney) Channa dal , sented leaf (candy Neem Leaf), garlic, mustard(Shake channa with oil and onion then grind) then positioned some mustard oil on the pan, then positioned mustard & leaf , then positioned grind channa dal, then mixed some curd.) Take some mustard oil, positioned zeera or 5drieds / panchphutan , then positioned the candy neem leaves, then tomato and a few salt, with sugar.

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    Maybe try some chopped up apple.

    I love Robert's Korma idea. Think I will try that myself.

    Vinegar is not a cooling agent, that is just plain dumb.

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    put a bit of vinegar in its chutney afterall!

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