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whats wrong with me? is it a yeast infection or something more serious?

I have been sexually active for two weeks now with my boyfriend and I noticed it about four days ago when I dried up during sex and afterwards I was really sore and it hurt when I peed but I just figured that it was because of unlubricated sex, well now I'm noticing discharge that looks like little pieces of toilet paper when I wipe, today it hurts really bad when I pee, and i when I do get all my urnine out it still feels like I have to pee, and I try to make myself pee and its painful, and when I wipe after attempting to pee I wipe and there's blood coming out of my urethra, now I am experiencing cramps what could this be?

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    immediately to a Doctor before the infection spreads

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    this would properly be a yeast an infection that unquestionably desires antibotics alongside with diflucan. in specific situations Monistat would not constantly artwork and you elect for some thing greater suited. additionally attempt ingesting a lot of yogurt, your physique is producing too plenty yeast and ingesting the yogurt facilitates with the aid of energetic cultures. ingesting yogurt primary facilitates combat the infections. additionally while you're having unprotected intercourse, the guy you're with additionally desires to rub on the Monistat, i be attentive to this sounds wierd, with the aid of fact adult adult males cant get yeast infections yet they are carriers of it. I recommend that in case you have not got coverage bypass to a planned parenthood or a health center that has a "sliding" scale fee and get the diflucan. sturdy success!

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    it sounds like a UIT (urinary tract infection) make an appointment with the doctor and in the mean time drink a lot of cranbury juice. sometimes it can help clear the infection.

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