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Ok I am being Paranoid or does she hate me now?

So thers this girl on my softball team thats like my bff and lately she's been kinda distant. So yesterday i texted her to ask her if i could get a ride to softball and shes like yeah. But then another one of the girls thats on my team texted me and said i could get a ride with her and its easier for her to get to me bc she lives closer so i ended up going with her. So then she asked me whats up and i said facebook but i hate facebook and shes like why do you have one and i was like idk i shall delete it! Bull ill regret it. But ive decided to give up and hate everythin so i shall delete it!!! haha and then shes like what is wrong with you? and i was like nothing i just hate people and there Sh*t and shes like wow. and i was like what. and shes like you need therapy as soon as possible. and i was like ok....and then she kinda just kept saying haha to everything so i stopped texting her. and then i sent her something on accident that was supposed to go to another girl on my softball team and she was just like ohh. and it was really weird. soo does she hate me now?

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    yeah she does hate you because you don't have a nice attitude. I would hate you too.

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