FELLOW AUSSIES: This is my current plan ... I want to be a director/screenwriter?

This is my current plan (btw, i am a 17 year old year 12 student in Brisbane Australia):

- For the rest of this year, attend film festivals, watch movies, learn about directing/filmmaking more and more, and develop some skills in screenwriting

- Take a gap year next year, because of how exhausting grade 12 is (I am aiming to get dux of the school this year ... last year I was 5th in the grade, out of 130 students)

- Beginning of next year, apply for jobs (any jobs!) at local film studios ... there I will learn about things like lighting/editing (things vital to being a director :D) through work-experience

- Second half of next year I am going to France for 3 months to teach english and learn french (with a local exchange program) ... there I should develop an 'adult' lifestyle/attitude, and learn how to write fantastic stories/scripts through my own experiences :D

- All this gap year, make short films, and apply them to film festivals (still visiting film festivals, obviously)

- After that, do either a Bachelor of Film and TV Studies or a Bachelor of Multimedia Design (leave my options open as a graphic designer/advertiser :D)

- Make connections with aspiring directors/screenwriters/actors etc at uni ... as well as connections through the uni ... and develop my own movies/portfolio

- Keep making movies/connections, and applying my oh-so-brilliant films to independant film festivals

Hopefully, I will get noticed. Does this sound reasonable? Will I become a recognised (not necessarily famous) director this way? What else should I do???



P.S. Is there any way to learn how to be a script writer?? Also, could you suggest any great unis to go to?? Preferably in Australia, but I do have an EU Citizenship ... so that is another option :)

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    While I don't really have any experience in this industry, you sound like you're on the right track! It's great to see a teenager with their life sorted and planning for the future! You've got a great plan mapped out for yourself, just stick with it and don't lose sight of your dreams! P.S. I reckon a Bachelor in Film and TV Studies would be more relevant for what you really want to do, whereas multimedia design is sort of your second choice!

    Best of luck,

    Swizzle (Tassie)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Most important step now: buy a video camera and start making movies now! Every spare minute you should be out shooting, developing ideas, editing on the computer, getting stories together, writing scripts and so on.

    One minute with a camera is worth two days in a cinema.

  • DGS
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    1 decade ago

    Be a Director than Script writer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Don't waste your time and money studying Film.

  • 1 decade ago

    shoot soemthing and post it on youtube

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