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Why is this happening to me i feel so lost and confused ?

ok my mom hates me i feel lost,confused, and unloved i feel as if i don't exist anymore i fee as if im a worthless piece of garbage dat deserves to die. why cant i just die and be with the ones that already died the ones i loved oh so much life sux it has sucked since the day my mom brought me in this world how could she love alcohol more than her kids or even ur boyfriend i don't understand that at all my mom told me dat i was a mistake so why should i be here so life can only get harder for me and never get better only gets worse

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    Jesus loves you, he died on the cross so you could have life.

    Its sad you dont feel loved by your mother..is she an alcoholic?...that would explain her behaviour towards you. Your mum probably needs help, maybe you should suggest this to her. I think you should talk to someone about the way you feel aswell. It really helps.

    Dont ever think your a mistake, you were born because you are meant to be here.

    I will pray for you.

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