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Did you watch The 2007 Royal Rumble Match live?

Did you see when two of the greatest legends in sports entertainment collided?, did you watch when for the first time in 9 years these two extraordinary superstars had another classic encounter?

So did you watch it live? If so, what was running through your mind when Shawn Michaels eliminated Randy Orton and Edge and you knew who the two remaining people were?


Really? only one answer?

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    Ha! Allow me to fix you only having 1 answer. Yes I did see it live with a bunch of my friends over watching it along with me. Unfortunately for me I didn’t see how great it truly was. I was and still am a die hard HBK fan, and with all my friends over watching the event with me; ½ rooting on Taker and the other ½ for HBK, I was more focused on me wanting HBK winning rather than seeing the match as what truly was; history in the making. I just wanted HBK to win, I never focused on the fact that this was the 1st time these 2 icons went at it since Royal Rumble back 10 years later. It was litteraly 10 years since they last faced off 1 on 1, and I didn’t think anything of it. I can see how epic it was now, but sadly for me, all that went through my mind at that time was me wanting HBK to win, not how great that moment was.

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    4 years ago

    you are able to bypass to google or youtube and variety interior the fits you elect to computer screen. EVEN payper view fits, i've got tried it i've got typed in royal rumble 2007 and it has it on google.

  • COLT
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    1 decade ago

    was Hoping HBK wins

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