My Dad Recently Died and I Need Advice?

I am 28 and my dad just died three weeks ago from heart failure. It was totally unexpected and it hurt more than anything in the world to lose him. Is there anyway to make it easier? I never imagined him not being in my life and everyday I miss him more and more. He won't get to see my babies or my wife. How can I make it not hurt as much?

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    Grieving is a very difficult and sometimes slow process. Try and find a counselor in you area that can help you work through the process, losing a parent is always very hard. Time is the only remedy and hopefully with time things will get better. I hope that you can find a counselor to share your feelings with, I can tell you are in a lot of pain.

    If you need to talk about your loss or need referrals in your area, call our hotline.

    Counselor, NZ

    Boys Town National Hotline


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    I'm so sorry for your loss. My mom passed this past July and even answering this is so hard but reading all the thoughtful answers you received was a bit healing - Wise Guy; Michael C, and innerrad -- thanks from me. I live in a different state then my family (siblings and Dad) - I'm married with young children and I cry all the time. I talked to my mom everyday - she was my best friend. Last week I started to talk to her out loud (I'm alone in the house or in the car when I do this) It actually made me feel a little better. I worry about my dad -- they were married 48 years and knew each other over 50. I also started watching John Edwards (on Saturday nights on the We channel 10 pm) There are a lot of people going through the same thing and it has helped a little. I even thought of joining a group. I'm sorry if I didn't help you - I' m babbling - but I think you helped me a little -- Thank you. Someone did give me some good advise -- Celebrate your loved ones life - they will forever be in your heart and keep them alive in your thoughts and dreams. I know my mom is right here with me -- my forever angel!!!! Good Luck to you and until you meet again - may you see your dad in your dreams.

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    Think of good memories and if you believe in God or heaven, imagine him there. Think of good things and if you feel like crying,cry. If you feel like sharing who he was with others,share. If your having a hard time with it, try therapy. Loss and how to deal with it varies to person to person and as such its hard to really recommend a certain way of handling it when you are your own person.

    Best thing i can tell you is take it day by day and go from there. I know its really hard, i cant imagine how it must feel. Also do some fun things with your family, summer is here so really try to go outside and enjoy it. Im sorry for your loss,and i hope whatever method you use, i hope it works

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    It takes time and it will be painful but eventually you will start to realize that everything happens for a reason and it was his time. I am deeply sorry for your loss and whatever you do, do not forget him altogether and make sure the good times you had stay vivid in your mind. I wish you the best.

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    ask your mom if she would mind trying going out on dates w/ people. and if she likes one they can date and then what ever happens on!!!!!!!

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    only time will help just honor him but don't obsess

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