am i paranoid? or should i be worried, boyfriend problems.?

ok so this mite be long, my boyfriend is great at times, he'd do anything for me, he compliments me, hes always there for me(: but, he's paranoid i'm goin to cheat because apparently i could "do alot better than him" and he gets jelous when i text my friend who's a boy even tho he's gay. he's been caught texting other girls himself tho, flirting with them and askin them "personal questions" about their sex life ect... he promised it wouldn't happen again but now he has pictures on his phone of girls half naked which he said he had before he was dating me, he also texts girls calling them "fit" ect :/ i haven;t told him how i feel about this, should i? or should i simply leave him?

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    how out of order is he. what a hypocrit!! hes getting aggy at your for texting your GAY friend.. and then hes flirting wih all these other girls.. id leave him hun you can do better! xx

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    Paranoid? No, I do not think so.

    Any man who is with a woman in a committed relationship and is receiving sexy/half nude/ provocative texts from other woman should NOT be trusted. If you gave him an opportunity to stop this and he has not, my vote would be to leave him.

    It sounds like a double standard to me. He doesn't want you texting ANY other men but he can go head and text other women. He also sounds like a player to me and most players (in my experience) rarely genuinely care about a girl they are with.

    Trust your instincts always but if you ask me, I would cut him loose.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!

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    He is paranoid when you text a gay man - yet he texts multiple girls?

    I`d say RUN.

    This seems like he is trying hard to control who you can and cannot see - and that is never a good basis for ANY relationship - except maybe a hate-hate one.

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    You definately should tell him how you feel. You're supposed to tell your boyfriend everything without even feeling a thing because you guys should be like best friends. Tell him about it and see what he thinks. Make a compromise. Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'd leave him. Hes complaining that you're texting a GAY friend while texting loads of girls



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