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how do you train a stubborn husky?

my siberian husky is veerrry stubborn. He chews furniture, runs wild, and eats EVERY THINg in sight that he thinks is good. hes a 2 year old dog and we cant afford to get a trainer right now. any advice?

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    He's not being stubborn, he's being a Husky. Has he started to dig holes in your yard yet, or climb over your fence?

    The best answers you can get are from people who are experienced with the breed. We have a Husky mix and I know just enough not to get another one again.

    Contact a Husky Rescue and see if they can offer some suggestions. Google the Husky club of America and something should come up.

    As a short term fix, try exercise - this does not mean a walk around the block! Have your parents find an obscure quiet dirt road and have him trot (not walk) beside the car (with you holding the leash and making certain he doesn't run under the wheels) for a good hour. Hopefully this will tire him out. This needs to be done on a daily basis.

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    LOTS of exercise is a must for huskies. Try a long walk (an hour or so) to tire him out and burn off excess energy. Also, maybe crate training would help (I'm assuming he eats furniture etc. when he is left alone unsupervised). If you can't afford a trainer, try PetSmart as they have group training sessions with group rates - also good for socialization.

    Huskies are wonderful dogs, but they do need a lot of attention and patience, but in the end will be worth it. Good luck.

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    Hi, I understand that you are looking for some advice or resources to help fully train your dog or fix behavior problems. If a professional dog trainer is not an option at this time, or if you want to trt training your dog on your own (a great way to bond), I'd suggest you

    A friend recommened it to me a few years ago, and I was amazed how quickly it worked, which is why I recommend it to others. The dog training academy also has as an excellent home training course.

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    The biting the leash and running sounds like a tug of war game. Have you tried simply calling him excitedly while you move? You can also attach a short dragline to his collar while indoors to get him used to the feel of the extra weight. There's also bribery with treats (I suggest a natural balance roll cut into TINY pieces, refrigerate the rest in a baggie) Get his shots started and enroll yourselves in puppy class, it'll help a lot. Edit: I wouldn't try taking him around the neighborhood at this time, but in your backyard would be ok.

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    Every dog needs some type of training. The first class I ever took a dog to was

    It's a very basic kind of class. They will help you with your dog, and show you how to work with your dog at home.

    They'll also answer any questions you have about your dog's particular problems and how to handle them. The most important thing in dog training is to be consistent and work with your dog at home on the lessons. The PetSmart class teaches sit, down, come, and the very basics every dog needs to know. They will also help socialize your dog. You are unhappy with an untrained dog, and believe it or not, the dog is actually unhappy to. You need to take your dog now, as the older he gets, the harder it will be to correct your dog's bad habits. Plus the classes are fun for you and your dog. My dog went from that first PetSmart class on to advanced obedience classes. You might also contact your local humane society. The one in my area offers obedience classes with a very good trainer at a reduced price.

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    Obedience Training is what your dog needs. He is undisciplined. Here is a trainer who has all the free basic obedience training information on his website that you can use to train your own dog for free. He does offer consultations as well on problem dogs, which it sounds like you may end up needing, but you can still try to do all the basic obedience yourself first.


    Source(s): I highly recommend this dog trainer:
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    Source(s): Methods of Dog Training
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    The only way really is obdience school. But the next best thing is to be very firm and spend loads of time with him trying to train him. Dont give him his toys or treats untill he does a command he will soon be sick of it and give in to you. And if she chews the furniture, give it a time out but putting him in his container or cornered part of a room. Try it :)

    Source(s): Got a huskey and did it myself and worked.
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    they need to start training at 8 weeks and kept up 24/7

    need a professional at this stage of the game.

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    hey all, The best info that I have read was on Brainy paws (i found it on google) Gotta be the most helpful info on dog training and this same thing that I have found.

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