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Muscle soreness for no reason?

Yesterday I began feeling a little sore in my upper back. By the end of the day the soreness had spread down the length of my back and into my arms. When I showered last night, the water pelting me caused more pain and when my husband tried to massage me I cried. This morning, my chest and abdomen are beginning to feel sore. I haven't worked out or anything, but have been under some stress - no more than normal.

At this point it's hard for me to hold my daughter, get dressed - do anything! without being feeling the soreness. Ideas on what this could be? I don't want to psych myself out and go to a dr for no reason.

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    Dear Mother, If you have recently started taking a new medication, this could be your problem. Many statins and other drugs cause muscular and joint pain. Secondly, there is a condition called Fibromyalgia that causes wide spread pain for no reason. I have it and have been living with it since 1999. It is exceptionally hard to diagnose, as there is no blood test for it. It is usually diagnosed by a Rheumetologist, through almost a process of elimination. It has recently been recognized by the AMA and there are now several medications that seem to be helping people.

    I would see how you feel in a couple of days, but if you continue to have pain and aren't able to do your normal, daily functions, then I'd say a trip to the doctor is warranted.

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    see your doctor. You could have a compressed nerve in your back, there are all different things that could be causing your pain. It's not a case of seeing your doctor for no reason, you are in pain and that warrants a visit.

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