My laptop is connected to a wireless network but cannot load any internet pages?

I just asked this question on here: How do I set up wireless internet?

I'm trying to set up wireless internet for my boyfriend I don't know much about his computer. I bought a wireless-n 300 router and set it all up but I still cannot get a wireless signal on my laptop. When I go into his control panel it has a wireless setup link so I'm pretty sure it has wireless capabilites. I know there's a website I've been on when setting up wireless internet before but I can't remember what it is, it's made up of numbers like 234.315.235 (those aren't the numbers though). Could anyone help me???

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I followed the directions that came with the router and it's all set up right. I have an ethernet cable running from the dsl modem to the router and a cable running from the router to the computer. The phone line is hooked into the dsl modem and everythings on and lit up.


My laptop is now connecting the network that I set up but it cannot load any internet pages. What can I do to fix this???

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    Connect your DSL modem to your laptop instead of your router first to see if you can get to the internet. You may have to "repair your connection" in Control Panel>Network Connections, or restart your laptop to complete this. If you can get to the web (load pages from the Internet) this way, then you need to repeat your N-router setup.

    After you set up your router, you really should connect our laptop with a Ethernet cable to make sure you can get on the web (load pages). If that works, it's the wireless section of the router that you need to fix.

    802.11n specs have been finalized since the end of 2009, but there are still a lot of pre-N (before specs are finalized) adapters out there. With pre-N stuff, there is no guarantee that Wireless routers and Wireless adapters from different manufacturers will work together. If they still don't work together after you may want to check the wireless adapter that came with your laptop. You can verify if your laptop is connected to your wireless router by going to your Command Prompt and type..


    If your laptop is connected to your router properly, you should see a printout in the window that looks like..

    Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : localdomain

    IP Address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :

    Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :

    Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . . . . :

    The IP Address of is the address that DLink routers typically assign to a computer on its local (private) network. The 'Default Gateway" is your router, and is the typical address it likes to assign to itself.

    If you don't see the Default Gateway listed, or the numbers in front of the 3rd period are not the same, you are not connected to your router by wireless.

    The DIR-615 Wireless N 300 Router seems to be very new, and have released 802.11n specs. So, depending on how old your laptop is, you may want to check the spec for the wireless adapter in your laptop. You do this by:

    1. right-click MY COMPUTER -> Properties. You see System Properties dialog box

    2. select HARDWARE tab -> Device Manager button. You see Device Manager dialog box.

    3. Open up (click the + symbol) Network adapters line. You see your Ethernet adapter and your wireless adapter listed.

    4. Right click the wireless adapter -> Properties.

    Hunt around in there and you should see information about your wireless adapter. (Sorry I can't give you more specifics since I'm looking at the information on Windows XP running on VMWare, which in turn is running on my MacBook.

    If all else fails, dig out your laptop's owners manual or check the manufacturers website. If it says something about pre-N or the release date of your laptop is early 2009, your out of luck. You may need to buy a new USB Wireless-N adapter. They are reasonably priced. You can get the

    Medialink - Wireless N USB Adapter - 802.11n - 150Mbps -Windows 2000 / XP / Vista 64-Bit /128-Bit Windows 7 Compatible for $30 at Amazon

    Source(s): Former computer network professional. Experience using D-Link Routers. D-Link website.
  • Fred
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    Did you reboot the router after you finished configuring it?


    * Router is connected to your Internet broadband modem via cable. (Lights are flashing).

    * Computer is connect wirelessly to the router (no Ethernet connected).

    * Computer has an IP address in the same network (i.e., if your router is, the computer should be 192.168.1.x where x is any number from 2 through 254).

    You may need to restart the computer after configuring, too.

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    i too had the comparable subject, yet i solved it.. a million) examine in spite of if u have put in the amazing driving force 2)visit the employer's internet site and consider in spite of if u would desire to configure something ( i had to do it for my NETGEAR router)

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