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What's your first impression of me? (pictures)?


and i kinda love this picture in the least bitchy way:

and thanks nice people:)

Update 2:

and i have totally thought about getting a nose job, like seriously thought about it. but i can do that bewitched nose wiggle now and i'm scared i won't be able to do it anymore... cause i love it :)

Update 3:

Jungle: FashionModel dats what i thought and u also look like a prostitu... u look nice :)

oh my goodness, i love you. you legit made me laugh out loud! :)

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    If you walked in somewhere I would not be able to take my eyes off of you! If you looked at me I would quickly look away, than glance right back hoping you didn't notice! I would think you were like every other girl but there is something about you that looks almost intelligent. I wouldn't know how to approach you, so unless I was with a friend I wouldn't even try :P

    I think you are unbelievably gorgeous, and have the cutest little nose ever! You have an amazing body, but you look a few years too young for me :/

    Source(s): Oooh dear god no you better listen to the crazy mom and not post pictures of yourself because you totally know that someone is going to hack into your account and somehow figure out your entire name and phone number using you last known IP address than travel halfway across the country to come find you and rape you... There is no danger in talking to people online, the only danger would be to meet someone you have only known online and have never seen before. If I videochat with someone I have never met and interacted with them in a realistic way I would feel safe meeting them, in a public place, each with a group of friends. Everyone is so paranoid nowadays with the whole stranger thing. Think about it, everyone you know or are friend with were once strangers to you. If you listened and never approached them or spoke to them they would not be in your life. Ask you mother how she met your father, I am sure they were strangers :P
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    I think you're gorgeous, but I probably wouldn't look twice at you. You seem to have very nice style, so I may glance, or even compliment you, but other than that, you look like a perfectly normal teenage girl. Nothing wrong with that. Hope this helps!

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    dont listen to what the others say about getting a nose job! you dont need one at all your nose is fine they are just jealous because your a very pretty girl. I would think your from California maybe? and i love your hair(:

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    FashionModel dats what i thought and u also look like a prostitu... u look nice :)

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    first of all, it looks like you are trying to look like something you are not? the posing, if that's you then you want to be a model. Whatever... intelligence is what you should aspire. Posting your pics for anyone to see it is not a very smart thing to do these days. I am a mother and wouldn't be happy to know my daughter is doing that. Are you aware of sex predators and all that stuff. Don't do something you may regret and keep your pictures private is my advice, even if you're too desperate.

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    you are average not too beautiful nor ugly

    & to be honest do something about your nose...

    look up in youtube ,they do some tricks with makeup 2 make your nose appear slimmer..

    dont go for surgery now you are too young for that

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    Yeah I think you are really pretty, try straightening your hair all of the pics of your hair are wavy, not that it looks bad or anything just try and see how it would look straight:)

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    i think you are adorable. Very pretty, nice poses. And you look like a rather outgoing girl, who easily makes friends. Very good pictures

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    you look like any average teen to me. i love your eyees and hair. and your nose fits your facial features just fine so dont listen to the otherr 2comments:)

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    First impression is you look like you just want to have fun, hang with friends. Also I would say you are gorgeous.

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