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Could you give me some ideas that could happen in this story that I'm working on?

I'm working on a present for my sister for her 15th birthday. She's been a fan of my stories ever since we were children, so I figured a really nice gift for her would be to write her a story that she would enjoy.

She's a big fan of fantasy, science fiction, dark humour, believable romance and at times tragedy. So I'm struggling to come up with some plots that could happen in the story I am working on, and it's very hard since I have writer's block and she also detests cliches.

In a previous question a lot of wonderful people came up with so many great ideas but I'd still like some more.

The idea of the story goes like this: a young girl, who is perfectly content with her average and cosy life, ends up travelling to another world through the means of a talisman. Dragged into a world of adventure and action she struggles to balance her real life with this whole other world.

The setting of the story takes place on a very beautiful city that is located next to the sea. It is one of few islands that are closely nestled within proximity and are ruled by a young Queen (who had this responsibility forced upon her by her dying mother). The island is very beautiful and has a very 15th century, Renaissance feel to it. It was inspired mainly by the third Monkey Island game.

I'd like some ideas for what could happen in this story. All ideas, good or bad, are welcome. I can't wait to get started on her present which I know she'll really love. Thank you everyone and God bless :)

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    Ah, this looks like quite an interesting story. I am sure your sister would absolutely adore this story for you have put so much love, dedication and sincerity into your gift.

    One of the biggest struggles for all of us writers is coming up with plots to keep the story going, and doesn't it just suck hard when you realize that your well of ideas has run dry?

    No fear, though. It's what we're here for and I really hope that all of our ideas combined will help you with the completion of this masterpiece.

    There seems to be a suggestion of magical realism within the story. Why not have one of the villagers be a soothe-sayer or prophet that tends to predict things? H/She predicts that great danger is awaiting the Queen so she is taken to their town for her own safe-keeping. At the same time maybe a local celebration is happening soon, so when word gets out that the Queen would be gracing their fine city with her presence they make a big deal out of it to impress her. It could give great room for an assassination plot.

    You could always have jealousy and rivalry take place in your story. For example, the Queen's advisor would like to have his own daughter for the Duke as he himself is an Earl, and it would be a fine position to be in as he is tired of being second rate. So he plays upon the Queen's insecurities (you say she's a young girl with such a big responsibility forced upon her; what better trait to have than to be unconfident in one's abilities as a Queen?) and over exagerrates her situation with the Duke, as he makes the Duke's intentions so very clear. Perhaps he has some sort of an end game; murder the Queen to which the Duke would be King as he is from royalty (you can make it so that the Queen's bloodline is dried out and she is the only one left, hence the marriage alliance). Then he would have his daughter marry the Duke, and he could happily seize control of all that he desired.

    If you want humour in the story you could have the rich girl's father discover who his daughter has been going crazy over. You then put the heroine in a list of tasks, a sort of parody of Hercule's own struggles, where she has to prove she is worthy enough for the rich girl. She doesn't want to because she knows that she's practically signing a marriage proposal if she goes through with, but her so called crew need her to help them get even. You could make it more awkward where the man is impressed with her and wants him to make an honest man out of his daughter. If you want to make it even funnier he could fall in love with your heroine's true form and he would like to have her as a wife since she's lovely.

    Also, the whole get even gimmick seems like it could be so much more. How about they originally intend to bribe the man but soon enough they learn that he is actually part of a very important plot, so they need a mole to dig up all the dirt that they can. Hence the heroine is forced to stick with the job.

    If you want to give the heroine grief you can make her first arrival loud and unusual where she ends up being branded a witch, and therefore set to the stake to burn. She is spared her fate though by some important man in the city. People are still convinced she is a witch so have her try and redeem herself in the eyes of these people. You could even have a lot of tragic events blamed on her arrival.

    Abduction could be another happening in your story. There's a lot you can do with that.

    A very important trinket is stolen or at least planned to. That could cause a lot of trouble as symbols were very important back in the day, so the disappearance of this artefact would cause much distress as there was a very important history behind [perhaps it could be a sword that gave them their independence]. I think that works perfectly.

    There could also be an element of self-sacrifice. Your Duke could profess his love the moment he kills himself for the cause and it drives the girl insane that she swears to stay away from the world forever because it caused her so much pain. Since your sister likes drama, maybe that could help her out.

    Also, instead of just focusing on this fantasy land she travels to focus on her real life as well. Maybe she can alternate with the talisman? You can show her struggling to keep up with her own real world problems and how hard it is to lead a double life. Lastly, you should give her a purpose for being in that world.

    Why did she get her hands on the talisman? What is her role to play? Perhaps she is meant to save the Queen or it could even be something minor like helping someone break their shell.

    At any rate, I hope these ideas help you considerably. Have fun writing! I'll add more to this answer if I can think up of other ideas.


    Source(s): I read your previous question to get a better idea :)
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    Wow! These suggestions are so good! And the basic story. Perhaps you could make it so that the girl is actually the real queen, and her and the original queen swap places. You could make it that they're actually twins! (I know it's a bit of a cliche, but cliches can work.)

    You could also make it that the queen's mother is actually being poisoned. Maybe the antagonist that everyone's suggested so far is poisoning the queen's mother to gain power. Then the girl could find out but is unable to do anything because he is a high-ranking political official. It could end with her finally revealing the antagonists intentions or killing him (whatever works).

    And about romance and tragedy, the queen is pushed into marrying the antagonist's son, but she doesn't love him. Maybe he then commits suicide by jumping into the ocean around the city; a bit like a male Ophelia. You could describe how the ocean which the queen once lived becomes tainted - she can no longer look at it. This could then contribute to the two girls swapping places.

    Also, I don't know what your sister's like or if you're morally opposed to it, but have you considered maybe the girl and the queen could have an affair?

    It's a very sweet birthday idea! Enjoy writing :D

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    Meemaw's suggestions are cool. There has to be magic, either witches or wizards. You could put romance and tragedy in one cup. Say the closest contender of the crown (guy 1), secretly loves the queen, but the queen's adviser is an accomplice with another guy, (guy 2), 2nd closest to the thrown who realised how guy 1 loves the queen. So the queen falls in love with the guy 1, but he is framed by guy 2 and the advisor as was wanting to dethrone the queen. He sets out to try regain his honor, dies protecting the queen, the queen finds out (with the help of our alternate universe traveller), she is sad, the real bad guys are exiled or beheaded (depending on you target audience).And the queen and our travelling friend with the help of the wizard will do accomplish something magical for the kingdom. Then everybody will be happy but the queens personal happiness will still be lacking, then you can have guy 1's brother who became a wanderer because he hated politics return home after the main events and he falls in love with the queen.

    Ok so that might not be heroic of him, he can help somewhere first.

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    That's a great idea, and I really like the idea you've got down right now... but you're right, it could do with a few twists.

    I think the fact that the Queen is young, could mean that you could develop her character into one that is a vulnerable and naive young girl almost, who is easily influenced.

    So, she could turn to an advisor, who could perhaps flatter her into trusting him, and then manages to use her for his own gain, as if she is a puppet?

    Perhaps then the time travelling girl could come across the advisor, who is plotting something/ getting something ready/ being generally suspicious, and she could begin to wonder what was going wrong. To throw in an element of romance, she could meet the advisor's son, or the younger brother of the Queen, who hints that something is wrong in the palace, though they aren't sure what. THis could then develop into a romance, maybe.

    The girl has to try to help out, as well as try to find a way home- or perhaps the only way to get home, is for the Queen to give her the returning talisman- perhaps you have to touch the Queen's crown to get home or something. This means that she will need to sort out whatever is wrong with the Queen before she can get to touch the Talisman.

    I hope these ideas help you out, or give you some sort of inspiration. I'm sure your sister will love it!

    Good luck! And thanks for answering my question, it was a lot of help =)

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    Fantasy- the people can have magical powers, and can just zap things in front of them? but as this may be a little cliche then i think the whole new world is really fantasy like

    Sci Fi- Don't really know much about this, but you can make a big disease going around? That killed the queen's mom?

    Dark Humor- I don't really know what this is either but maybe the queen seems stable and says dark jokes about her mother like "She deserved to die. She never did anything for us. It was just about her getting her caviar and lattes."

    Believable romance- either make the queen be a king, and the girl fall in love with him, but as that is very cliche, you can make the girl desperate to get home to her lover who is waiting to celebrate her birthday with an amazing dinner?

    Tragedy- the girl could have messed with the future or something and so when she finally gets home she realizes that everything is gone including her lover? and that she is the last person in her world? so then she has to go back and fix it?

    Oh by the way thanks for answering my question you're getting best answer now i have the perfect story!!!!!!!!!

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    It would be cool if you described the Queen much and how she seems happy with her life but truthfully wants to be loved. You could use that alot throughout the story then at the end, showing that the young girl is actually seeing a reflection of herself. Each character in this "world" could resemble someone in her real life. It could all be a dream and when she wakes up she will realize how she needs to love her family more and everything like that. Maybe even add a romance kick at the end? :) Good Luck, this present is very thoughtful and sweet!

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    How about the queen has a younger brother who becomes infatuated with the girl who can travel through the portal, and wants her to become her bride. When she refuses him she traps him in his world by stealing the talisman, and won't let her return till she agrees to marry him. But the girl already has a boy she loves so, she lives a sad life trapped in a world without him. On the day she dies she cries out to the boy she loved, and with her final breath says the words she never got to say to him "I love you"

    Hopefully this isn't too cliche. If I come up with another idea, i'll come back. I sounds like it could be a great story. :) BB

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    Hahahaha YES! I've been like this all my life, that's why I have such terrible insomnia. As soon as I switch off the light and my head hits the pillow, my imagination fires up, and ideas flow relentlessly! It's INFURIATING - I have to keep turning the light on and writing down the ideas in my notebook. It's why I feel like such a zombie during the day - humph, no wonder I don't feel at all creative when the sun's up...yawn... Hafwen x

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    What if the Queen desides to disobey her mother's orders, and then, someone finds out. The person that finds out is insane and a HUGE fan of the Queen's mother, and decides the only suitable punishment is to kill the current Queen, thinking that will make the mother happy. (Of course, it won't, really.)

    Now, the young girl finds out that this crazy person is trying to kill the Queen, who is a friend of hers or someone she just likes, so when she goes to warn the Queen, something happens with the talisman and she's taken back to the other world.

    So now she's got to get back to the Queen before the Queen is killed by the crazy person.

    Hope I helped, and thanks! :D

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    The Queen could be under threat of a young man who wants to hurt her. She needs the help of the girl who came from the other world to save her. He appears in her bedroom and well his personality is like Damon Salvatore from the vampire diaries. In the end he falls for her. (Something like that)

    I'm not really good at this but anyway. Oh yeah, and might I add thanks for your answer on mine. Yours was by far the best :D

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