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Anonymous asked in 娛樂與音樂音樂搖滾流行 · 1 decade ago


背景音樂是哪首歌 [??!!]

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    1 decade ago
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    歌手: Stefy Rae

    歌名: Tear Me Up

    收錄於: 女生殺人宿舍電影原聲帶

    發行日期: 2009-8



    I tried to wake up

    But i see that im in trouble

    It seems like we're stuck

    And all dreams of no tomorrow

    I gave you my heart and i got paid

    You and i will never rhyme

    In the dark i go insane

    Until you shed some light

    Uh uh uh yeah

    Tear me up tear my heart to shreds

    Rip my sole and then let me cry forever

    Tear me up get it over with

    You play innocent but your really frightening

    I thought i knew you well

    But you keep on changing colours

    Under your spell

    Im your reluctant lover

    I try to run i try to hide

    Now im crying on this ride

    Its not fun i guess you like

    To hear me scream at night

    Oh oh oh

    Woaahh oh oh

    Oh oh oh

    Woah oh oh

    Running away

    You only want me running away

    Source(s): Amazon、奇摩、google
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