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how is my alien deck...? rate fix? yugioh?

i know i dont have alot of alien cards but its because i cant find them...well if u can fix some things and make the corrections easy cards to find


Alien overlord


giga gagagigo

gogiga gagagigo

3x alien skull

2x oshaleon

2x worm cartaros

worm barses

worm dimikles

worm apocalypse

interplanetary invader "A"

alien infiltrator

alien gray

flying saucer Muusik'i

alien kid

alien shocktrooper


mass hypnosis

2x alien brain

2x detonator circle "A"

spellbinding circle

magic jammer

dust tornado


ultimate offering

sakuretsu armor

pharoh's treasure


molting escape

other world the "A" zone

mystical space typhoon

brain control

giant trunade

heavy storm

my body as a shield

book of moon

reptilianne rage

pot of avarice

enemy controler

Thats the missing alien warrior, mother, cosmic horror gang'el, alien ammonite, and cosmiv fortress gol'gar

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    ok u need to speed up bro use snake rain venominaga venominon evil dragon ananta alien armonite alien warior n alien hunter and synchro monsters 5 mostly

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