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How do you say this auf Deutsch/German?

"I am sorry it took me a few minutes to get back with you, I was studying for a quiz, I don't think Donny is on our side, he may act like it, but I do not think so. You were in Connecticut, I have been there a few times, Wow, you helped out on the campaign? But Donny you need to watch out for, he is trouble. I tried to text you two or three days ago by Cell Phone, I do not think it went through."

Natives or fluents only please.



Edit, Thank you Angela, I didn't know that.

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    First of all this section is travel Germany not languages the reason I say this is there are a lot of trolls in the section and thus you will get a ton of ridiculous answers.

    Your Translation

    Es tut mir sehr leid, dass es etwas gedauert hat, ich bereite mich gerade auf ein Quiz vor.

    Ich glaube nicht, dass Donny wirklich auf unserer Seite ist, ich denke er tut nur so als ob.

    Du warst in Connecticut, ich bin einige Male dort gewesen.

    Toll du hast dort bei der Veranstaltung geholfen

    Aber pass mit Donny auf, sei vorsichtig mit ihm, er macht bestimmt Ärger.

    Ich habe vor zwei oder drei Tagen versucht dir SMS zu schicken, aber ich glaube sie ist nicht angekommen.

    EDIT you' re welcome I guess the trolls will not be late to come :))

    If you are regular in the Travel Germany section you might recognize some of them.

    Also I translated all ''you'' with the informal Du since you seem to be quite close with the other person I do hope that was ok otherwise let me know I will edit

    Source(s): German native
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