POLL : What's your view on assisted suicide?


I was watching the documentary "Kevorkian" (about, guess who? Dr. Kevorkian)

and it made me think.

So, what do you think about euthanasia/assisted suicide?


and Jack Kevorkian did it to end their suffering, and he didn't necessarily encourage it to his patients whatsoever.

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  • 10 years ago
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    I'm not sure what to say. I guess if someone wants to die, that is their choice, why not do it in a controlled manner?

    I just don't think suicide is ever an answer. There is always a way to work through something.

    EDIT: That being an option for patients with terminal illness never crossed my mind. I guess that could save a lot of pain for the patient and medical bills (possibly) for the family. That should only be an option if the person doesn't have a chance to live or is suffering more than someone should.

  • Lynx
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    10 years ago

    Assisted suicide is a beautiful thing for the right person in my mind.

    To insist that someone go through the hell that is end stage cancer, Lou Gehrig's, alzheimer's, or a thousand other diseases, is ridiculous. I have personally seen a tiny little old lady go through 5 amputation surgeries that kept ending up in gangrene, because her blood vessels no longer had the ability to circulate blood through her limbs. Her choice? She declined IV hydration and nutrition, and starved to death. She starved, because that was her ONLY option for relief. The morphine drip she was on was like tossing a cup of water on a bonfire.

    I think it's barbaric that we don't allow people to die with dignity. No, instead we prolong their suffering, poke them full of holes in the hospitals, and finally just give up and pump them full of narcotics until they finally die.

    Dr K's major problem is that he never could understand how the public saw him. People were willing to give assisted suicide a chance, but they didn't want to see the dirty details. Public relations obviously not being his strong point, I think he pushed his luck to the breaking point, and everything came apart.

    As for the person who said assisted suicide is selfish, we aren't talking about a mopey teen cutting their wrist in the tub, because highschool isn't going so well. Assisted suicide is about an adult, in their right mind, making the conscious decision to end their suffering. It's horrible to see a loved one descend into dementia, and I can't even imagine what it would be like to face the last few years of your life, knowing that you are slowly going to lose your mind, and end up as a mess who can't recognize your own children and can't help but use the restroom all over yourself.

    My 2c.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I think it's good to have it available to the physician and patient for those special circumstances. It should be left up to the physician whether or not s/he wants to administer the drugs for assisted suicide, but I think it's good to allow it. That way, the doctor can object on his/her own moral grounds, but it's a tool that they can use just in case there is a medical circumstance sometime later in their career so overwhelming that they feel like they really should help the patient end their life.

    Source(s): assisted suicide is legal in my state
  • 10 years ago

    As a healthcare provider I say God bless Kevorkian. It should be legal. I've seen so much suffering.

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  • 10 years ago

    It might be a very nice thing of the assistant, think of it, maybe the person that committed suicide was suffering because of various causes and decided to not suffer anymore. It's more humane than to let that person suffer.

  • ardis
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    3 years ago

    Assisted suicide is a ideal factor for the main considerable remarkable guy or woman in my recommendations. To insist that somebody pass by ability of the hell that's end degree maximum cancers, Lou Gehrig's, alzheimer's, or 1000 diverse illnesses, is ridiculous. I even have for my section seen a tiny little previous lady pass by ability of 5 amputation surgical concepts that saved ending up in gangrene, making use of actuality her blood vessels no longer had the aptitude to head blood by ability of her limbs. Her selection? She declined IV hydration and nutrition, and starved to dying. She starved, as a results of fact replaced into her in basic terms selection for relief. The morphine drip she replaced into on replaced into like tossing a cup of water on a bonfire. i think of of that's barbaric that we don't enable human beings to die with dignity. No, quite we postpone their suffering, poke them comprehensive of holes indoors the hospitals, and finally basically grant up and pump them comprehensive of narcotics till they finally die. Dr ok's substantial subject is that he below no situations might prefer to comprehend how the favored public suggested him. human beings have been arranged to grant assisted suicide a guess, yet they did no longer pick for to be sure the grimy advice. Public kinfolk contributors of course no longer being his stable factor, i think of of he pushed his fulfillment to the snapping factor, and each little factor have been given right here aside. As for the guy who reported assisted suicide is selfish, we are no longer talking a pair of mopey teen reducing their wrist indoors the tub, making use of actuality highschool isn't likely so exact. Assisted suicide is approximately an person, of their precise recommendations, making the huge conscious selection to end their suffering. that's poor to be sure a chum descend into dementia, and that i'm no longer able to even think of of what it is pick for to stand the previous few years of your existence, information which you're slowly going to lose your recommendations, and ultimately finally end up as a great selection who can no longer comprehend your guy or woman babies and can't help yet use the restroom in the process your self. My 2c.

  • 10 years ago

    On one hand if somebody is suffering and is going to die in a much slower and more painful way - They have a right to end their own life should they wish too.

    On the other hand - It is wrong to ask somebody to do that for you - I couldn't live with myself if i killed someone, whether they wanted it or not.

  • 10 years ago

    I personally, think it should be your right to end your life if that is what you want to do. I think there should be a safe environment for someone to get assistance if they are dieing anyhow.

  • 10 years ago

    I believe it and all forms of suicide are the chicken **** way out of life. Look what it does to everyone around the person...

  • 10 years ago

    Euthanasia for someone who is sick, dying and in pain is fine. Suicide is selfish.

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