I'm having trouble with Microsoft word...?

I completed a document in Word and put a watermark in the background. The watermark was not from word itself, it was a downloaded picture from google. Anyway, I saved the document and closed Word. When I try to re-open the document an error pops up-

Part: /word/header 2.xml, Line: 2, Column: 3262

When I click ok then-

Word found unreadable content in (the document). Do you want to recover the contents of this document? If you trust the source of the document click yes.

I click yes and it comes up without the watermark. What should I do to get the watermark to stay saved on the document???

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    Try renaming the picture to something else. Maybe name it "mywatermark.jpg" (or mywatermark.gif") I don't know what type of file it is (.jpg, .gif) so you put whatever extension on the end as it applies to you.

    What I'm thinking is that your watermark file is either (1) corrupted (2) has some symbol or character in the name that Word 2007 is rejecting.

    So rename the picture to something simple (like mywatermark.jpg)

    Open the bad file. Open a blank word file. Copy all of the wording from your bad file into the new blank and then insert the watermark into the new word file using the new simple named file from above. Maybe this will help you.

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    You didn't indicate which version of Word you are using, but for 2007 here's the process...

    On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Background group, click Watermark.

    Do one of the following:

    Click a predesigned watermark, such as Confidential or Urgent, in the gallery of watermarks.

    Click Custom Watermark, click Text watermark and then select or type the text that you want. You can also format the text.

    To view a watermark as it will appear on the printed page, use Print Layout view.

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