Boat,Marine help needed, Vessel Description ?

Ok so im going to get a free boat off of craigslist tomorrow but before i go i need to know what a vessel description is for the bill of sale.

Define - Vessel Description

10 pts to whoever helps.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Here are the elements you need in your "Vessel Description"::


    Serial number:

    Model Year:

    Model :



    Length (LOA) (Length Over All)

    Beam (width of the vessel)

    Bridge Clearance: (the is the height of the boat above the water line)

    Draft (max) (this is the depth your vessel is below the

    water line)

    Weight: (approx. weight including outboard engine )


    Hull Type ( this is the hull or bottom shape, Ie: Deep

    Vee, round, flat, etc.)

    Hull Material: (what is the boat hull made out of? ie:

    Fiberglass, wood, steel, etc)



    Engine(s) (std) (example: Mercury OptiFlop, or Johnson


    Engine # (Engine serial #)

    Fuel Type (Gas or diesel?)

    Fuel Capacity (size of fuel tank or tanks in gallons)

    Drive Type (inboard, outboard, I/O )

    That will take care of it... if it comes with a trailer, it is the same, (just describe the trailer) only you want to include any serial numbers...

    Good luck,


    Dan, you don't mention your state, but you could probably download all the information you need on your state's boat registration form..

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  • 10 years ago

    It's called a title signed by the owner with the # matching the title and on the hull engines have on title.A bill of sale including the #s off the trailer if 1. U have to have a title or don't bother with the boat if stopped what do U say it was Free and U don't know who it belongs to.

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