7th grade tips.............................

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i am going into 7th grade and i need tips.....i need 2 no wat ii will need and how 2 get ready for it...please help me!!!

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  • answered 4 years ago
    I'm going to 7th grade too =)

    First of all relax.
    Some schools send you a letter on what to need but others don't. So on the first day, just bring the basics (notebook, pencil, pen) then buy what your teacher tells you to.

    Just be yourself and make new friends. Be nice to everyone and say hi to all the new kids.

    For beauty tips don't wear too much make-up. Just a little bit lip gloss or mascara.

    Ignore all the drama and FOCUS on your grades ONLY.
    Make sure you have fun and enjoy!
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  • answered 4 years ago
    Focus on getting good grades and nothing else! That is what I did. Good grades and no drama or hard times. I am going into 9th grade this year and I thought 7th grade kind of sucked.
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