I need a boat trailer for my 2003 Carver 36 Feet 360 Sport Sedan boat because im takeing my boat to maryland..?

from minnesota and also what type of pick up truck u would u recommend for this tow


how much would this cost then to get a profesional to do this and who should i use to do this

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    First thing that you're going to need to do is have a Dealer for that brand of boat, or some company familiar with Carver boats to give you an estimate for the removal of the "Fly Bridge" and all of the electrics. They will need to know where the boat is going to arrange for the drop-off of the yacht and for that company to reinstall the fly bridge and all of the electrics. On both ends, a special lift will be needed to load and unload the vessel and all of the components to/from the trailer. The yacht will be hauled via a team with "Chase" vehicles the entire way. They most likely will be sleeping overnight in a hotel along the way which you will be paying for too. That company will pull all of the road permits which will be for "Daylight" towing only. It's not a cheap thing to do. A lot of planning and prep work goes into this type of haul. Good luck and check the link below.

    This isn't something you can do yourself. An 18 wheeler is needed to pull that kind of weight and several people have to be involved with vehicles in the lead up front to spot problems and clear the way, and a trailing vehicle to watch your back.

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    Think again...

    Seeing how I am right this minute looking at a 36 Carver 360 Sport Sedan across from my boat in the Marina...

    I get the distinct feeling - this is not your 2003 Carver 36 Sport Sedan...

    I ask, because the owner of this boat would surely know why there is no trailer for it...

    The 2003 Carver 36 has a 13' (plus) beam,

    and a 18' (plus) height from her keel to her hard top.

    She is too big for you to trailer down the highway with a pick-up truck. She is both too wide & too tall. You will have to have special permits and a professional mover.

    So, depending on where you live and where you are taking her (exactly)... You will have to either boat her across the Great Lakes and down the Hudson and the ICW to Maryland, or have a professional mover come and get her...

    Good Luck,


    PS, I can't tell you how much it will cost. You will have to call and get a quote on that. As they will need to know exactly where the boat is, exactly where it is going, and all sorts of questions regarding its cradle, if you have one, who is going to be at the delivery site, are they capable of lifting her off the truck... etc. etc. etc.

    But, I can tell you it is not cheap. After hurricane Rita, I had to move mine, and it cost me $5,000 to move her only 50 miles over land.

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    .U need to check the specks on this boat a 13' beam needs permits in every state.Height is to tall for State HWYS. At tractor trailler and a low boy trailer.

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