Anybody from Charlotte, NC that can help me understand something?

Do you call the urban part of Charlotte Uptown or Downtown. Why is it called Uptown when I have the habit of calling any city's skyline area as downtown?

Most city residents refer to the area where the tall buildings are downtown. I get confused when it comes to Charlotte's skyline being in uptown. Why is that so?

Also, do you think Charlotte deserves to have a sub category in Travel/US or Dining out/US or even Local Business/US? There is a lot of land between Washington & Atlanta with lots of great cities. I would suggest Raleigh or Charlotte. Although Charlotte is geographically centered within both Carolinas.

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    Hey there. I don't live in Charlotte, but I do live in the Wilmington area where lots of Charlotte residents hit the beach.

    I have dated a girl from Charlotte years ago. She said they call the "downtown" part of Charlotte Uptown because it's on higher land & sits above the rest of the city. Plus it's in the North part of the city, for most people associate North as being "Up".

    I wish they would add Charlotte to the list. There are too many California cities on there(two of which are right next to eachother) There's a lot to ask about Charlotte & both Carolinas. I even check the Other/US categories for questions to answer about the Carolinas. I also gave the other two answerers thumbups because they have good answers too.

    Source(s): Lived in the Carolinas all my life.
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    Your reasoning is a little off.

    New York calls its central core Midtown. That's where Times Square, the Empire State Building, etc. is located. Downtown is the area in the Financial District.

    Same goes for Philadelphia. Its central core is Center City, while Downtown is generally used by old time residents for the area south of Center City.

    Charlotte's is called Uptown because it's at the highest point in the city by elevation.

    As for Charlotte having its own section, it really isn't big enough. The cities that have sections have largely populated metropolitan areas (New York, Los Angeles) or are big tourist destinations (Las Vegas, Orlando). No metro area in the Carolina really fits either category.

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