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♦ Your dream family ♦ +BQ?

It is as simple as that. What would you want your family to be if time/money/space were not concerns. Have fun, and be as unrealistic as you like. You can include ages, details about appearance, activites, picture or whatever you want. That stuff is all optional.

BQ: What do you think of my dream family?

♦ Eliza Vivienne

♦ Dexter Benjamin

♦ William Alec

♦ Cordelia Jane

♦ Gwenyth Veronica (Cassia's twin)

♦ Cassia Rhiannon (Gwenyth's twin}

♦ Zachary Dylan

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    My dream family:

    Husband: Henry Benjamin Fisher

    He is a stock investor. He has brunette close cropped straight hair. He is witty, handsome, content, optimistic, goofy, and serious when necessary. He is 32 years old. He enjoys sports, but has always had a secret passion for cooking.


    Daughter (1): Clara Esmee

    Born November 14, 2015 (8:41 pm)

    6 lbs. 9oz.

    Even at her young age, Clara is very mischievous. When Mommy or Daddy turn away for a minute, she's already climbing on the kitchen table. Her favorite color is yet to be decided. She is definitely a daddy's girl.

    Clara's Nursery At Home:

    Nursery At Beach House: (But the writing above the crib says Clara Esmee)

    Daughter (2): Eliza Alice

    Born July 5, 2013 (4:18 am)

    8 lbs. 1oz.

    Eliza is sweet, shy, and adorable. When around her family, she is always smiling with adorable dimples. When around more than family she hides behind Luke's legs. Her favorite color is pink, and she's a momma's girl.

    Eliza's Room At Home:

    Room At Beach House:

    Twin Girls (3): Eden Samantha & Lexie Christina

    Born March 26, 2014 (Eden: 3:07pm, Lexie: 3:13pm)

    Eden: 5lbs. 4oz. Lexie: 5lbs. 7oz

    Eden is serene, witty, adorable, and mature. She shows more of a sophisticated personality than her twin, and wants to be a grown up. Her favorite color is violet. Despite her mature character, Eden loves to dress up, and twirl in a tutu.

    Lexie is hyper, witty, clever, and adorable. Unlike her twin, she is bouncing off the walls 24-7. She would love to stay a kid forever. Her favorite color is hot pink. Her favorite things to do are jump on the trampoline, sing, dance, and act. She is the family's little drama queen.

    Room At Beach House:

    Twins' Room At Homw

    Son (5): Luke Alexander

    Born October 21, 2011 (11:22pm)

    8lbs. 3oz.

    Luke is the sweetest little boy ever. He loves to help Mommy with the little kids, and he swoons over them daily. His favorite color is orange. He also loves playing with his bulldozers, and dump trucks. He is generally calm, sweet, whole hearted, and willing.

    Luke's Room At Home:

    Room At Beach House:

    Family Puppies: Jasper (On Top), Hershey (Below)

    Eliza's Bunny (Soleil "Soso"):

    Eden & Lexie's Bunny (Cecily "Cici"):

    These bunnies were from the same "Litter," and were birthday presents from Aunt Ellie, Uncle Tate, Leah (cousin), Faith (cousin), and Hailey (cousin.)


    Shared Beach House:

    This Beach House is shared with Aunt Ellie, Uncle Tate, Leah, Faith, Hailey, Nana Emma, and Papa.

    Hope I helped, and you like this!

    BQ: Your names are ADORABLE! I absolutely adore Eliza Vivienne.

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    Well, I am already a mother of one, and I am expecting twins (surprises, but I would love if they were both girls), so I will start off with them (even though I am still deciding on names for the twins).

    -Cadence Brendon

    -Amara Niamh (Neev) 'Molly'

    -Elisa Scarlett (Twin to Molly)

    ---- Future children --

    -Leon Patrick

    -Kyla Madeleine

    -Vincent Elijah (Twin to Evia)

    -Evia (Ee-vie-a) Jocelyn

    I am only 25, and I certainly COULD have four more after these two babies, but I think we will stick to just three for a while, and a fourth in the future. If money, space, and time weren't concerns at all though, I think a bigger family would be lovely as well. =]


    Eliza Vivienne- I prefer Elisa to Eliza, but if you like Eliza more, I would consider the spelling Aliza. Vivienne is a cute conterpart.

    Dexter Benjamin- I don't love this name, but it flows well together.

    William Alec- I love both names, but not as much together. Perhaps Alec William?

    Cordelia Jane- Lovely pairing, pretty names.

    Gwenyth Veronica- I don't like either name. But they flow well together.

    Cassia Rhiannon- I love Cassia, but I am not as keen on Rhiannon.

    Zachary Dylan- Both names are very common, but they flow well together[=

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    Husband: Tyler Eugene P. Pediatrician- me Automotive design/architect- Tyler Kids: James Michael- 16 years Tyler Marshall- 14 years Savannah Marie- 12 years Arrabella Sage- 10 years Ellianna Elise- 8 years Tyreece Micaiah- 6 years Landon Matthew- 4 years Xavier Armani- 2 years Sarah Lillian- 6 month Jamie Evalynn- 6 month Sarah and Jamie are twins. BQ: I think 15+ is too many... I myself wouldn't go over 10... But as long at they're supported it shouldn't matter. =)

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    Adam Gabriel - 14 years old

    Zachary David - 11 years old

    Adam - Born on July 20 - Adam is our wild child whom loves to be in the spotlight and the center of attention. Unlike his younger brother, Adam will argue until he cannot argue any longer or until the other person gives up, which tends to get him into a lot of trouble. He is a jokester and is constantly telling jokes or pranking people. He is very outgoing, loud, and is always making some sort of mess for someone to clean up. Adam is a sarcastic and demanding child, but still gets good grades in school, but is a bit of a pain for some of the teachers. He is very social and has a wide group of friends, but they are not as close of a group as Zach and his friends are. Adam is very cocky and competitive since he plays football, baseball, and basketball, which are some of his passions. At this point, is wanting to become a stand-up comic, or maybe even an actor. Adam often annoys Zach, just like brothers usually do, but they are pretty close. His favorite school subject is Science and his favorite color is orange. Adam has short brown hair and green eyes.

    Zach - Born on April 3 - Zach is a very quiet, laid back child whom just loves to go with the flow. He is not big on confrontations or arguments, and would rather read a book than go out every night with friends. He is very serious, but knows how to loosen up and have fun. Zach has a very close group of friends whom he has known since first grade. He is very nice and can make friends very easily, just like his older brother. He has always received amazing grades in school and is his teachers love to have him in their class. Zach has always loved watching movies and television, and, at this point, is hoping to become a director when he gets older. He is quite humorous and loves to write short stories and scripts. He loves to film his family and friends with his prized video camera and has actually won a few awards for it. He plays hockey and loves every second of it. Zach and his older brother do not usually get along. His favorite school subject is English and his favorite color is blue. Zach has short brown hair and green eyes.

    Eliza Vivienne - 8/10 - Very cute and original!

    Dexter Benjamin - 6/10 - Adorable, but Dexter reminds me of the cartoon.

    William Alec - 7/10 - Change Alec to Alexander.

    Cordelia Jane - 6/10 - I like it! It's pretty!

    Gwenyth Veronica - 4/10 - It's okay.

    Cassia Rhiannon - 2/10 - I prefer Cassandra or just Casey.

    Zachary Dylan - 10/10 - Obviously I love this one!

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  • Well Ive always wanted a big family, so... (Birthdays in parentheses)

    • Delilah Evangeline Carys (March 17, 2019)

    • Johannah Lily Jean (June 19, 2020)

    • Noah Jackson Riley (February 3, 2022)

    • Carolina Violet Faith (May 29, 2023)

    • Alexander Joseph Ryan (March 29, 2025 - twin to James)

    • James Chandler Adam (March 29, 2025 - twin to Alex)

    • Mason Elliott Benjamin (April 8, 2027)

    • Isabelle Victoria Claire (July 1, 2028)

    Ellie, Hannah, Noah, Cali, Alex, James, Mason, and Izzie

    All those names honor people VERY important to me, so my future husband better like them :p

    Source(s): Bailey!
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    Sofia Jade-10

    Jonah Graham-7

    Lilly Mae-4

    Noah Joesph-4

    Ava Hope-2

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    I'll say in about seventeen years...

    Xavior Michael Alexander, 18, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes (I already have)

    Jaida Elisabeth Marie, 16, Dark brown hair, Green eyes

    Jacob Thomas (twin), 12, Dark brown hair, Blue eyes

    Noah Lee (twin), 12, Dirty blonde hair, Hazel eyes

    But I kind of want Jacob and Noah to have two middle names as well and if the twins were to be boy girl they would be Noel and Jacob...or even Noah and Jaida if I don't have her yet.

    I think Jacob Thomas Lee is cute but then I'd have nothing for Noah. Lol. Thank goodness there is time.....Lol.

  • Benjamin Isaac (Emmy's twin) (Named after my brother Benjamin who passed away) (age 5 brown hair, blue eyes)

    Emmeline Jane (Benji's twin) (Named after my sister Emily who passed away and Jane Austen) (age 5 blonde hair, blue eyes)

    Amelia Jacqueline (Named after Amelia Erhart and Jackie Kennedy) (age 3 blond hair, green eyes)

    Brennan Joseph (Named after Dr. Brennan from the show Bones and Severus Snape from Harry my strange way of nicknaming Sev is a nickname for Joseph :) (age 1 brown hair, green eyes)

    BQ: I LOVE Eliza and Vivienne, love Benjamin of course, love Alec (my best friend's little bro is named Alec), love Jane, love Gwenyth (I usually spell it Gwyneth when I use it). Really great names, and a very huge family but I like big families :]

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    Alright then... If I could choose. 23 years from now...

    Aaron Edward - 20

    Jude Nicholas - 18

    John James - 16

    Jensen Matthew- 13


    Connor Andrew - 9

    Harry Adam - 9

    Joshua Luke - 9

    Jared Daniel - 7

    Celia Grace - 5

    So I would have; Aaron, Jude, John, Jensen, Connor, Harry, Joshua, Jared & Celia.

    Of course I would never in a million years have that many children (well, never say never), and triplets would be so hard to handle! But I would like at least 3 children, and I've always wanted more boys than girls. Knowing my luck I will have twins or triplets... we have more than our fair share in our family!

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    My fiance and I want to have five children.

    Leo Sebastian Felix

    William Alastair Ezra

    Ivy Helena Blair

    Maxwell Everett Arlo

    Nora Clementine Ruby

    Leo: He has shaggy, dark brown hair and eyes and the longest eyelashes you've ever seen; he's extremely intelligent which makes itself known through witty and clever sarcastic remarks. He's a bit shy, terribly stubborn, extremely opinionated, a fantastic debater, and, when he wants to be, hilariously funny. He's deeply into music and plays the piano, cello, and guitar. (Age 16)

    Will: He has curly, dark brown hair and eyes like his brother's with a smile that lights up a room; he's also quite smart but chooses to focus on his main love, soccer, which he is amazing at. He has a secret passion for cooking, is definitely a momma's boy--though he tries to hide it--and is fiercely protective of his younger sisters. He's a bit of a ladies' man and knows it, which gives him a slightly big ego. Nonetheless, he's a real sweetheart. (Age 14)

    Ivy: She has long, dark locks and dark chocolate eyes. Her personality is more like Leo's in that she's shy and musically gifted; she loves to write songs and record them with him, and plays the violin. She's a soccer fanatic thanks to Will, and is almost better than him, which can lead to some resentment on his behalf. Her other love is art, which manifests itself into incredible paintings. (Age 12)

    Max: He looks a bit like his brothers, but has a light dusting of freckles. He's incredibly precocious and loves to laugh; as such, he's the prankser of the family. Like the rest of the family, he's extremely smart, but uses his ingenuity to create elaborate pranks. He's not into soccer like Will and Ivy are, but shares his sister's love of art, though he uses his talent to draw. (Age 10)

    Nora: She has long dark curls and Max's freckles. She's a bit shy, but extremely bright and has a huge imagination; she's a bookworm and loves to write her own stories. She acts more mature than Max but knows how to have fun; she teams up with Max to prank her older siblings quite often. As the only girls in the family, she and Ivy are usually inseparable; Ivy's influence has made Nora love to sing, and she's learning how to play the piano. She wants to be the first female president and a best-selling author someday . (Age 8)

    BQ: I absolutely adore Eliza Vivienne (I had this combo on my list for quite some time a few months ago) and Dexter Benjamin. The rest are also gorgeous/handsome. You have wonderful taste (and no, I'm not just saying that to get Best Answer)!

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    My dream family in sixteen years time:

    This is my husband, Leo James Hepburn: I got lucky!

    Emilia Rose - 6 years old

    Aurora Juliet - 6 years old

    Matilda Violet - 4 years old

    Theodore William (Theo) - 2 years old

    - Emilia Rose & Aurora Juliet are twins born on the 4th May 2020. Aurora is older by about three minutes. They are not identical but look remarkably alike, they are both tall with blonde hair and dark brown eyes. All my children have swimming lessons because it is important to learn how to swim, and they also both took ballet lessons, however Aurora found ballet too boring and so now takes drama lessons instead to try and get rid of some of that energy! Emilia is the quieter of the twins but she is also the calmer one, Aurora tends to just charge without thinking things through. They are very close but are also independent and enjoy different things. Emilia prefers dance, and Aurora prefers drama and performing.

    This is Emilia and Aurora when they were slightly younger:

    - Matilda Violet was born on the 21st November 2022. She has brilliant red hair and the same deep brown eyes as her elder sisters. She is the naughtiest child, but she's not mean just a little cheeky! She loves music and has ever since she was a baby, it's what she responded most too when she was an infant. She's just started having violin lessons with a very small violin, and so far it's not sounding too great but we'll get there :) She's been at nursery for a year now, and her teachers comment on how creative her ideas are; she has quite an extraordinary imagination and is often a bit 'away with the fairies'. She gets on well with her siblings, although her fiery temper and Aurora's loudness sometime clash!

    This is Matilda Violet

    - Theo William is my youngest and definitely the quietest! Having three louder, older sisters means than he is very relaxed and laid back, and is happy to be left to play by himself for a while. He was born on the 9th June 2024 and he was two weeks early so he's always been a little small for his age. Even though he's only two, he likes doing calm activities like drawing and puzzles so we think he's quite logical and clever. He loves playing with our cats as well and has a fascination with animals; he loves going to the farm and seeing them all!.

    This is Theo

    All of my children have Shakespearean names either as a first or middle (Emilia, Juliet, Viola/Violet and William) Literature and theatre are two very important aspects in my life, and both me and my brother have Shakespearean names, my name was actually created by him!

    - This is our cat Vincent:

    - This is our other cat Frida:

    Both of our cats are named after artists, Vincent Van Gogh (my favourite artist) and Frida Kahlo.

    I love ALL the names on your list, my favorite is Eliza Vivienne, it's just perfect! Dexter is on my list as well.

    That was really fun, thank you :)

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