Marines officers can they pick their jobs?

Ok so i want to become a marine officer and like i want to know do they get to pick what they can do. Or like do they put you wherever they want you to go?

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    JD is off on this one. The process for an officer being assigned an MOS is somewhat different than an enlisted Marine. Following applies:

    If you are fortunate enough to successfully complete OCS via the Navy Academy, NROTC, Platoon Leaders Class (PLC), or regular OCS, you will be commissioned a 2ndLt. Afterward you will be assigned to The Basic School (TBS) to learn the details of being a Marine Corps Officer.

    It is at TBS that you will have an opportunity to excel so that you will be assigned the MOS that you desire. Those who sign up to be aviators and pass the flight physical and exam will go to Pensacola after TBS - guaranteed. The rest of the TBS class will select their MOSs based on their standing in the TBS class. Be in the top 5% and you will get virutally any MOS that you desire. Be in the 0 to 94% of the class, you will find it more difficult to get the MOS that you want.

    Even if you are not in the top 5% and not in the bottom 50%, you should have a good opportunity of getting the MOS that you want, IF it is open. The military services are constrained by Congress on how many officers can be on active duty. This further constrains the number of officers in each MOS field. If a specific MOS is popular, many officers will stay in the service and make it a career which results in fewer openings for that MOS, especially at Company Grade (O-1 to O-3).

    At TBS (The Basic School where officers learn to be officers), each 2ndLt is administered the General Classification Test (GCT). From the GCT, each will receive a GCT score that is essentially a mental aptitude/intelligence test. Recommend that you review the entire list of Marine Officer MOSs so that you have a better understanding of the GCT score requirements. Depending on the MOS, you will have to meet the minimum GCT score. For most officers, this is not difficult for the majority of MOSs. Your SPC, the senior Marine Corps Officer who is assigned to your TBS class, will be in the decision process in the assignment of your MOS. He/she will consider your GCT score, your TBS class standing, and how well you excel in each of the training classes (motivation, initiative, judgment, personal appearance, etc).

    Hope this explains the process that Marine Corps officers must use in the MOS selection process. At times, a Marine Officer has no option (e.g. bottom of TBS class) and must accept the MOS assigned. This is not done lightly since the SPC will be involved in trying to help the officer get something that they not only want but are qualified for (GCT).

    Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps-Retired (been there and done that)

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    You can apply for your MOS, they give you a chance to make your preferences known. If you are in the top of your class you'll be likely to get the MOS you select if you qualify for it.

    The MOS Selection Handbook should be of interest to you:

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