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My dog has Heart failure. What should I do?

The vet told me my dog has/may have heart failure. She first thought it was a collapsed trachea, but sent the x rays for a second opinion. They told her it looks like heart failure. I have read up on heart failure, and pretty much all you can do is put them on meds. She is 14 yrs old. I want to know what I should do. Is it worth putting them on meds till they just die? What would you do if this was your dog?


The vet wants to put her on some new meds cause she has fluid in her lungs. She coughs, gags, all of that stuff. I don't know if she is in pain or not. The vet wants her to take the new meds then go see her in a week.

Update 2:

She has started throwing up, for 2 days now. I feed her in the moning. With her pills (the water pill) and about 30 mins later she throws up. all the food and pills. I told the vet, when she throw up the first time. She didn't say anything about it. Could this be from the meds or is it something to do with the heart failure???!!!

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    put her on the meds it does help and she could still have a good quality of life ahead, I can not say how long that is but the meds are generally cheap. My golden was diagnosed with heart failure at the same age as yours and she lived another two years, but we also did a blood panel to make sure all of her other vital organs were functioning properly.

    Which heart failure is good news compared to a collapsed trachea.

    here are some links that may help you http://www.vetinfo.com/congestive-heart-dogs.html



    I should add my dogs CHF was because she had heartworms when she was younger and went through the treatement (before I owned her) I cought it in the early phase, I noticed after she was running around her tounge turned a slight purple color, she was put on furosemide (lasix) and enalapril, and a low sodium diet also helps.

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    Please put your dog on the meds the vet. suggest. It will keep her comfortable for her remaining time. The fluid around the heart is congestive heart failure and if she is not on heart meds. and lasix (a diuretic) she will die a horrible death. She will start having sever problems breathing and then she will start throwing up water and eventually drown in her own fluids. I have see this with a rescue dog we just took in and were on the way to the vet. Needless to say she didn't make it and it haunts me still. If you don't want to go the med. route then be humane and put her down.

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    My dog is 20 & for the past 9months our vet hasnt known how she is still alive-she has no heartbeat - just a wish wash sound.She has a great quality of life,eats & drinks well & runs around.She occasionally coughs but not to the extent that she needs to be on diaretics. I would wait & see how your dog goes-ask your vet if you can at least try heart tablets & if she's coughing use diarettics.I think you will know if putting her to sleep is the right thing,if she seems depressed or stressed or is collapsing you might be close to that but dogs can live a long time with heart failure.

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    I had an Aussie who developed CHF at age 10. He would cough from accumulated fluid in the lungs after getting up from naps. He was otherwise fine. The vet put him on lasix (furosemide) to keep the fluid moving through him and out of the body, and a second drug to strengthen the beat of his heart. He did quite well for another several years. In the end it wasn't CHF that killed him; he developed cancer and I had to put him down. Ask your vet about quality of life and if he is showing definite improvement on the meds. If so, he may be good for another couple of years. If not, I would have him put to sleep to avoid further suffering. You as his owner are in the best position to be an observer of stubtle changes in behavior such as an increase or decrease in coughing and changes in ability to handle exercise.

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    There shouldn't be any question here. Either you put your dog on meds, or you should consider euthanasia. The medication will help with the fluid in her lungs, and if she starts coughing more in the near future, her medication can be increased. Choosing not to treat her is going to make her quality of life minimal.

    Source(s): Licensed Vet Tech
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  • it depends on her quality of life and pain management..you should discuss this with your vet?

    i'm sorry. i don't think it is necessarily a death sentence though...i would talk to the vet about if she's in pain.

    add: it's worth it to try the meds. esp after reading thrawted's answer. maybe diet change would help, i am a believer in homecooked and raw food diets, but i do not know if it helps heart disease.

    maybe you can join a yahoo group for dog's with heart disease. this one looks pretty good, it's a place to start anyway


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  • A springer spaniel we had died from heart failure when he was 13....

    He was diagnosed when he was 10, and for 3 years he was put on medication..When he was 13, he didn't look like her was in pain, but he wasn't the dog that he used to be and the vet said that it would be best to put him to sleep...

    I would have her put to sleep if I were you, but it's up to you and the vet to make that decision..

    Good luck!

    Lol why did somebody put a thumb down to my answer?? At least I bothered to answer unlike the idiots who just do that!!! Gezze!!!

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    i would love her as long as the good Lord lets me have her. =) i would put her on meds for any hope of keeping her longer. but it coming to the end of her long,wonderful life so whatever you feel you want to do then do it.

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  • 10 years ago

    frankly, if it were my dog, i wouldn't prolong her life.

    dogs don't think the way we do - "life above all". to them, it's quality of life that matters. in her mind, she's still a young, fit pup who wants to romp and play and do all the things she is accustomed to doing. if she tries but her body is failing her, this is totally against nature and is psychologically traumatizing to her.

    if you want to do what's best for you, pay the money for the meds and make her live as long as you can - but you're only putting off the inevitable.

    if you want to do what's best for your dog, give her a dignified ending to a cherished life.

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  • 10 years ago

    get a new dog

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