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What did Protagoras mean with "man is the measure of all things"?

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    Wow, I'm suprised none of these answers are correct. Protagoras was a sophist, and as a sophist he believes that all knowledge is relative to the individual. The statement "man is the measure of all things" is an affirmation of relativism. He is saying that truth is relative to the individual. The phrase really means that EACH man is the measure of all things, NOT that the human being in general is the measure. The phrase denotes a denial of absolute truth.


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    Our perception and belief is our reality. Every false scientific belief IS truth, until proven otherwise. It is similar to Quantum?? psychology. Nothing exists until the human mind can concieve it, store it in episodic and semantic memory and share the perseption. Things that we now believe are truth, may one day prove to be false, but the truth is not altered until the human perception has been altered. You may argue that it has always been true but our perception was wrong, and you would be correct, but you would be unable dispute that truth until its falsehood could be concieved. Someone's beliefs may not be truth, but it is THEIR truth.

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    Only mankind has the ability for rational, logical judgment. Therefore we are the only species on Earth capable of judgment so we set the standards.

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    When we compare man to any other animal, we notice that the animal is not able to compare, or "measure," which are rational achievements.

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    Only thought does the MEASURING~~

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    man with a ruler

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    I suspect there's a reason why god is potrayed as human.

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