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The Russian Provisional Government - was it destined to fail from the start or not?

Do you think the Russian Provisional Government that was set up after the 1917 February Revolution, was doomed from the start, or that it was/others were responsible for its failiure???

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    the February Revolution was a very chaotic and haphazard affair. it started as a bread riot and quickly got out of hand. the revolutionaries hadn't explicitly stated a desire for democracy or a new government, the ruling powers simply could not find a willing and legitimate successor after the tsar resigned. by the time the dust cleared and it was clear that there would be a democracy, there were two organizations which could have become the new government. the first was the Provisional Government, and the second was the system of soviets, centered around the Petrograd Soviet. the two managed to coexist, but neither really had any power over the other. sooner or later, a power struggle would have occurred, and the greater popularity of the soviets would have won out. that is of course assuming that the German invasion didn't cause further government collapse.

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    Once the Provisional Government decided it was going to remain in the war then it was doomed to fail. Russia simply did not have the resources or the organisation to fight against the Germans, and the Russian armies were being slaughtered. The results of the elections for the Duma which were set aside due to the Bolshevik coup gave a majority to the Social Revolutionaries, which represented the peasantry, and not Kerensky's Social Democrats or the Bolsheviks. The SR would have withdrawn from the war.

    Why the SR's were unable to turn their popular support into military forces capable of defeating the Bolsheviks is perhaps an example of the advantage of urbanism over ruralism.

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    well it was only supposed to be a temporary gov't so i guess yah it was

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