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Montgomery GI Bill FL and IL?

I know you have to either be a resident or have enlisted in one of the states to use the 36 months of the state's montgomery gi bill in addition to the regular gi bill. My question is if you are a resident of illinois, but enlisted in florida can you use both extended education programs on top of the post 9/11 gi bill? I read that you have 10 years from eas to use the bill in florida... The current plan is to attend school in CA on the post 9/11 bill then go to either florida where elistment occured or illinois where residency is to use the additional 3 years.. but if it is possible to use both i wouldlike to look into that!

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  • LT Dan
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    10 years ago
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    I do not know, all I knwo is yu have to go thru the VA rep. at your college in order for him to certify you and then you certify online for the old Montgomery G I Bill, and then after you used that up, your V A rep. will also allow you to use the new 911 G I bill as well.

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