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請幫我看看能不能進Cornell Engineering.

hey everyone,

麻煩幫我看看進Cornell (ED) , MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, and Columbia (Fu foundation) 的機會。

加拿大亞洲人, 明年會提早申請 (early decision) Cornell Engineering.


GPA: 95% (top 3% but school does not rank)

ACT: 32

(English 31, Math 36, Reading 28 <--- yes that's horrible, Science 33)

SAT I: n/a (did not take)

SAT II: Math lv1 800, Math lv2 800, Chemistry 790


- Chemistry 5 (self study in gr10)

- Comp Sci A 5 (Gr10)

- Calculus BC ? (Gr 11)


- Linear algebra (2nd year math course at a local university - UBC)

- Statistics AP

- Physics AP

- Econ AP (macro + micro)

- English AP

- German AP

Hooks (可能的優勢?):

- First generation student (我爸媽都沒有大學學歷)

- International student?

(not sure if it's harder or easier compared to americans)

Extra curricular:

- Aviation training flying

- created own fundraiser for education in the Philippines (founder)

- peer tutoring (head)

... (一堆其他的不過都算是普通而已)

Should i retake the ACT? (will probably do better on the reading section)




I came to Canada in grade 8 and have since lived by myself. Well, it's a tad more complicated than that. From gr1~4 i studied in Vancouver, gr5-7 in taiwan, and 8 until now (gr12) in Vancouver again.

All boys and private school.

St.George's school.

Class Rank: Top 5/160

Update 2:


Yes but university counsellors are all currently at break, and this is the last summer before my ED application.

My main questions i suppose, are my chances of getting in (what i should do to improve), and whether i should retake the act or not.


Update 3:

Common app

- Aviation flying (Private pilot license)

- Fundraiser (founder) - sushi sale at school

- Heart and Stroke Foundation (Captain) -registering volunteers in school

- Peer Tutoring (Head)

- Peer Counselling out reach program - "big brother" program

- Service club (committee member)

Update 4:

Flying thing will be my passion. Writing about it in my supplement. Other than that, feels like my ECs are all about community service and not science or math (seriously are there any others besides math club and science club?)

so ACT 32 is ok for cornell? Do they prefer the SAT over ACT?


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    Well, since others stay in the comment section........

    your stats are pretty inpressive, although lack of variety of extracurriculars, which ivy league schools pay much attention to.

    in general, your chances are not bad.

    Cal for you should be a piece of cake, seems like i don't have to mention that.

    For Stanford..... idk, seems like a fit, but i really can't say.

    For MIT, this doen't look well to me, good luck on it.

    Columbia...... sounds like a shot, but if you get in Columbia, then you are probably in Cornell anyways.

    Cornell is not too hard to get in (according to your stats), but if by any chance that you have not submit your applications yet, I would work on the extracurricualr part. Since there's really nothing more you can do on academics.

    Good luck.

    2010-07-03 06:51:28 補充:

    A score of 32 on the ACT does suffice the academic caliber of Cornell.

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    If you are in private school like St. George's, your school has Academic Counselors which will help you in apply universities. Why don't you try that first. If you already applied, just wait for the result, since no one here is on the admission boards.

  • RenRen
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    pretty good background to get in...

    What is your SOP then?

    Where did you study for your high school? Taiwan or Philippines?

    Which high school? Is your institution teaching in English?

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