How much does the military pay a 22yr old married w/ 2 kids male?(my bf is thinking of joining)?

Me and my boyfriend have 2 kids and our own place. Im 20yrs old and hes 22yrs old. We can not find good paying jobs. Hes thinking of joining the military. He says if he goes hes gonna marry me first. We have so much bills right now that are pass due. Our car might get taken away cuz we cant afford right now he works at a factory making $7.25 and brings home $200 a week. its not enough. My Nipsco is $300 my car payment is $250 and insurance is $290 plus diapers for the kids and gas and rent is $262. Our bill is over $1,000 a month I cant find a job and he cant find a better job.

So I was wondering if we get married and he joins the military how much can he make? Can we afford everything? And hes got Asthma can he join with Asthma? will they pay my bills? How long will it take for him to make GOOD money(If its possible)


minimum wage here in Indiana is $7.25

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    He would be paid on rank and years in; newly enlisted do not rake in the money, but if one budgets they can live within their means comfortably. To make “good” money as an enlisted, in my opinion, is not till they hit E7. Yet, that is subjective on each individual. You also asked if they would pay "your bills." No one pays your bills; you utilize the pay each month and budget it into what is due in your household.

    However despite all that, you mentioned asthma. It appears to be a DQ.

    I am the sun: where is minimum wage $12? It is not that high in my current state, nor the last state I moved from just a month ago.

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    I have no idea what Nipsco, I'll assume from google that it's your utility bill. It sounds to me like you need to get rid of a car. Sell it and buy something you can afford that doesn't require full coverage insurance until you are at least 25.

    You (well, HE) is paying more than half his gross monthly income for a car, that's just stupid. What job did YOU have that let you buy that car in the first place?

    Your rent is only 262 but your electric bill is 300? Where the heck do you live that you pay more in electricity than you do in rent?

    You can always apply for welfare, but you would have to lie and say you two are not a couple which would be a hard sell if they are his kids.

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    The number of dependents does not affect joining. As for the age he is right at the cut-off so he would have to get a waiver. He can sign up and leave as soon as they have an open seat at boot camp...which he will have to do because he has been out too long. High demand careers are usually in the ET/MT and HM fields.

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    Asthma is a PDQ.He is not allowed to join.Even if he did he wouldn't make enough money to pay all your bills.He would be making about 1400 a month right away.It would take him being an e7 to make good money which takes 10 or more years to get.You should have paid attention to what you were spending.

    Source(s): Army wife
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    here's a military pay calculator. he'll be an E-1 with 1 year of service. choose the correct location for you guys

    use this link to figure out your marginal tax rate.

    so that's how much he'll make. much more than he's making now. however, he's got asthma, and that's an automatic disqualification. however, sometimes people don't always tell the truth... i'm not saying he should lie.. i'm just saying that some people do lie to get into the military

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    Wow. People are so stupid. minimum wage is based on STATE. dumbass. In florida it's about 7.25. way to mock people and your not even right.

    As to answering your question its based on rank. I Actually just got off the phone w/ my husband Who's a marine and he said there's people w/ asthma.If it's bad i don't think its a good idea though since boot camp would kill him. if he's not so bad then he should be good. If he were to make it they'd give you hosing allowence and they pay you up to four kids. at PFC which is E-2 you should be making over a grand a month. My husband made 3k at E-2 but we got a lil for overseas pay since he was w/o me in japan. and we don't even have kids. Hope that helps :)

    Source(s): Marine Wife<3
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    The Army won't take him if he has bills past due, you guys will have to get your finances straight first. Asthma could DQ him too if he still has problems with it.

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    Asthma past your 13th Birthdauy is a PDQ no wiavers authorized.. plus he has way too much baggage. he has zero hope of being able to enlist.

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    asthma is defiantly a DQ with out a doubt... sorry

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    minum wage age and location doesnt matter you get paid according to dependents ie kids and zip code for BAH basic houseing allowance and acording to rank

    Source(s): if it helps im curently deployed to a combat zone im an E-4/SPC and i have been in for 2 1/2 years and i make around 3000 a month with no family if i had to make a guess id say aroun 4000 a month if deployed allot less with out how ever you would be provided with free houseing and almoste no bills the army... ARMY (I can not speak for the other braches) takes good care of your family and has allot of benifits
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