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1961 JTS Brown whiskey, how much is it worth?

I just found an old bottle of JTS Brown, seal intact, bottled in bond, with authenticating numbers and all. It was bottled in 1961 a few months before it was famously drank by "fast eddie" felson in The Hustler.

I've been researching all day, but I've yet to come up with any idea how much my little gem is worth! Any one that can help, or point me towards someone that might be able to appraise it for me?

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    looking on line looks like bottles of JTS Brown goes for about $12

    thats how much this whiskey is worth

    whiskey, and any aged spirits DON'T improve once bottled, just in wooden barrels before bottling

    so this whiskey isn't worth any more than one you buy off the shelf today.

    that being said, the bottle itself might be worth something to an antique collector.

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