how can i give my 1987 vfr 700f2 a modern look?

what it to look like the bikes of today

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    Unless you can find out of one of the later Honda bodies will fit on your VFR, you're basically stuck with paint and lighting upgrades. I would start out by trying to find some LED signals and taillight for it. If you can't find late-model bodywork to fit on it, the best way to keep it looking up-to-date is to get a really clean, monochromatic paint job (one smooth color, no crazy graphics), get some late-model "Honda" decals for it, and you could also have your wheels polished/chromed or get some late-model wheels.

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    You dont. Your bike's frame and bodywork are completely different than modern bikes, and unless you do some SERIOUS fabrication, it just wont work. You should keep it the way it is and looking stock, it will be worth a lot more money in the future, or just sell it and get a newer model that wont take thousands of dollars to modify just to look different.

    One thing you could look into, is the VF1000R fairings from around 85'-87' (?) they have full bodywork and look a lot better than the 750's, and the bodywork would be more compatible for a swap.

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    you can get some newer fairings and do some mods to fit them on

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