What does it take to be an environmental engineer major?

okay so what skills to you need? i'm not good at drawing and don't like math (though i've taken AP math classes) and I wanted to know if those are the main focuses in environmental engineering or if there are other aspects of it. Cause if not, then I'll pick a different career...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Environmental engineering is a multidisiplinary. Typically, you need either a chemical engineering degree or a civil engineering degree. It involves much math, physics, and chemistry, as well as an understanding of some microbiology. it all depends on what you want to specialize in. To get a good sense look up water treatment fascilities, or pollution prevention and that will more or less give you an idea of how complex the field really is.

    as a research project; study sedimentation rates in water.

    you will either like it or hate it.

    You may also want to consider other engineering fields like electrical engineering, or mechanical, or computer.

    Good luck

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