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What makes J.K. Rowling a great author?

My question is referring to her writing style. I read different articles where she is compared to other authors such as Stephenie Meyer and people always say that Rowling is better. What is Rowling doing or has done that other authors have not?

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    J.K. Rowlings imagination and development of characters helps are so intricate, it keeps you wanting more and more. It's not a simple plot, theres many little details behind it. Her creativity is amazing, and also she took time to write her books 17 years also 2 decades.

    The characters aren't flat, 2D. They have emotions, they have personality like the living. They have motives for what they do, there isn't just one big bad guy running around just wanting to kill anyone. It teaches about morals, and friendships. I JUST saw this video and I think it can answer your question much better than I can, it's the documentary called J.K. Rowling A Life in a Year. It actually said "To find out the secret to J.K. Rowling's success." There are 8 parts and they're all there. Hope I helped :)

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    First of all, to keep readers interested over a decade is a great success! What I think makes her special is her imagination, HP is unlike anything else I've ever read. Twilight, on the other hand, is not original at all. Smeyer's vampires are just like a dozen others in lliterate except that the sparkle. Also, Rowling has characters that are relatable, lovable, and very real to the readers! Twilight characters seem like flawless and perfect, which is so uunreleasable Also, there is one thing that Hp has mastered that Twilight lacks, FORESHADOWING! The plot is intertwinned through 7 books and little details add up. In the first book, a potion ingrediant that is barely mentioned saves Ron's lifes 5 books later. It amazing.

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    Rowling's writing style is more subtle and sophisticated than Meyer's. Meyer is a mediocre writer, at best... in term of style, plot, character development... and pretty much everything else.

    Rowling's stories are rich and interwoven, she knows exactly what details to include and what to exclude. She knows how to "show" and not simply "tell". No word in her books is incidental... each serves a specific purpose. She makes skillful use of connotation, subtly creating a tone that compliments a passages mood... from lighthearted joy to bitter sarcasm... Her humor is marvelous, as she has the unique skill of describing a funny situation from an objective, sober viewpoint, making it all the more hilarious. Her characters, in terms of personality, motivation, and inner conflicts, are more real than any other characters I have read about. And finally, her story is deeply moving, stirring the reader's innermost feelings, fears, and ultimately exploring the intricacies of the human experience.

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  • There really is nothing unique about Rowling's writing style. It's pretty average. It's her ideas and how she develops her characters mixed with the fact that her books are so popular that makes her such a prolific author.

    But, of course, when people compare Rowling to Meyer, Rowling is always the better writer. It's like putting Napoleon Dynamite and Arnold Schwarzenegger in a ring together. It doesn't matter that Napoleon has wicked nunchuck skillz--Arnie's got bigger muscles and he can squish Napoleon's head between his fingers.

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    This is huge: In her writing, JKR takes everything pleasing to the senses she can imagine -- especially if she doesn't have those things -- and puts them to the page. If I remember right, the first book in the series opened up with a secret magical world, cool mist, candy, deep, vivid colors, a jolly giant with a birthday cake, a despicable nemesis, a pet owl...

    Just putting those things into a story would make it interesting, but there's so much more. You know, almost everyone wants to be rich so they don't have to worry about a thing, and the main character even has that. There's an enormous, magical castle complete with (torture?) dungeons that have been turned into classrooms and apothecaries. There's a room full of gigantic tables that serves you anything you want! Candles float? Pictures talk?

    On the other hand, you have a person who added vampires and werewolves into her book. Now, don't get me wrong -- vampires and werewolves being revealed to exist is a cool thing. And I liked SM's stories... but Harry Potter caught my attention my stronger than many other books, mainly because it had a taste of everything I myself want in my life.

    Hope this answer helped!


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    What makes Rowling a great author is the way in which she made her books so famous...

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    I dont' think she's all that great of a writer, but I do think Harry Potter is better written than Twilight. I think Rowling does a much better job at developing her characters and plots and she does well at description (compared to Twilight). For Meyer, I think she's a great romance writer and I'd read her books just for the romantic storylines.

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    She borrowed extensively from existing story traditions but wove those traditions into a unique story. So we read against a background of familiarity that made her stories accessible, but he actual plot was fresh. The combination of familiarity and freshness is very strong.

    But she is a good storyteller - not a great author. Her stories give us no great insight into the human conditionn, which is the difference between good story telling and great literature.

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    I don't know that she is a great writer, but her storyline in the Harry Potter books was unique and nothing quite like them had been written before. The books appealed to people of all ages, not just one age group, that is unusual.

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    She makes you want to read on and join the characters.also her imagination is really good.she makes it seem so real something that did not happen to me while i read twilight.sure stephanie meyer is a good writer but definitely not as good as jk rowling

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