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List five facts about each: the rise of Fascism in Italy; Nazism in Germany; the Russian Revolution.?

please answer fast! im taking a test that ends in two hours.

oh...and the questions also have to do with world war 1


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    Rise of Fascism in Italy

    1. Fascists humiliated and persecuted some of their opponents by forcing them to drink castor oil.

    2. The Fascists appealed to some sections of society by claiming to be the only effective way to oppose Communism.

    3. Benito Mussolini was the first Fascist Prime Minister of Italy.

    4. Discontent at the outcome of the First World War contributed to the early rise of Fascism in Italy.

    5. Benito Mussolini was elected to the Chamber of Deputies in 1922.

    Nazism in Germany

    1. Adolf Hiter was the leader of the Nazi Party.

    2. The Nazi party took power in 1933.

    3. The Nazi regime carried out covert, and later overt, rearmament.

    4. Brownshirts were a paramilitary group that was part of the Nazi movement's rise to power.

    5. Some lawyers and others who had opposed the Nazi movement were later sent to concentration camps when the Nazi regime took power.

    The Russian Revolution

    1. The Russian Revolution overthrew the Tsarist autocracy.

    2. Most members of the Tsar's family were later killed.

    3. The involvement of some soldiers and sailors in mutinying to support the Revolution, was key to its success.

    4. The Bolshevik party was led by Vladimir Lenin at this time.

    5. The Bolsheviks and other socialist factions campaigned for the abandonment of the war effort.

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