Pokemon SoulSilver (DS) Lugia Help?

i just caught lugia and these are his stats:

Lugia (lv. 45)

nature modest

hp - 150 (0 iv)

atk - 82 (14 iv)

def - 123 (3 iv)

sp atk - 108 (30 iv)

sp def - 157 (30 iv)

spd - 116 (27 iv)

i caught it on purpose for sp atk because its def and sp def are already high. are the stats good? tell me 2 movesets: one for competitive (wi-fi battles) and one for non-competitive (in-game battles) gameplay?

thnx in advance

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    In competitive battles, i can think of two sets: Choice Specs and Offensive Calm mind.

    Choice Specs Tricker

    Item: Choice Specs

    200 HP / 116 SpA / 192 Spe

    Modest Nature

    ~ Trick

    ~ Ice Beam

    ~ Thunder

    ~ Roost / Aeroblast

    This Lugia goes with Offense and Defense. Against a Special Wall like Blissey, it's best to trick it a Choice Specs to hamper Blisseys walling abilities. Thunder takes advantage of the common rain in Uber Battles thanks to Kyogre while Ice Beam hits Rayquaza and Groudon hard and completing the BoltBeam Combo. Roost is to heal HP and removes it's Rock, Electric, and Ice weakness while Aeroblast provides a solid and powerful STAB attack.

    Offensive Calm Mind

    Item: Leftovers or Life Orb

    4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

    Modest Nature

    ~ Calm Mind

    ~ Aeroblast

    ~ Roost

    ~ Earth Power / Thunder

    This Lugia takes an even more offensive approach. Calm Mind boosts Lugia's average base 90 Special Attack stat and it's massive bast 154 Special Defense stat to high levels. Aeroblast is a Powerful STAB attack that's hurt a lot of Pokemon that don't carry a resistance or have high HP and Special Defense. Roost Provides healing especially when you're using Life Orb. The last move is up for coverage. Earth Power hits many steels like Metagross and Heatran hard. Thunder massacres Kyogre.

    Aeroblast with a Life Orb and Calm Mind boost is capable of nearly OHKOing a Mewtwo after Stealth Rock Damage. It also 2HKO's common switchins like Giratina-O, Latios, Groudon, Scizor, and Forretress, as well as OHKOing Darkrai and Rayquaza after Stealth Rock.

    If you're wanting to use it In-Game, i recommend that you teach it Ice Beam to handle Lance, the Champion of the Elite 4. Otherwise, go with whatever moves you think it'll need.

    Hope this helps!

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