10th Lobby on modern warfare 2?

can anyone who knows how to make 10th lobbies plz invite me to one.....i currently do not have ms points but will happily give headshots; thank you

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  • 10 years ago
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    Add me ID m w I will have a Jtag very soon. Do NOT do headshots for an apperent Lobby. Ok if the guy who is apperently hosting the lobby wanted headshots he could edit the Patch_MP.ff to the liking of himself and doing it in system link. so he doesn't get banned. Oh and no one will just invite you to a lobby for something either. Signing onto Xbox Live with a Jtag the jtag immideitly gets flagged and in about an hour or two the jtag will be banned and WILL cost 70-100$ to unban with a new keyvault. so if somebody is saying they will host a lobby for you for headshots? it's a lie. here ask these questions if you think hes a scammer.

    What type of motherboard does your Jtag have?

    A: Xenon, Zephyr, Falcon, Jasper.

    (Common mistakes for a scammer. " I have a xenon with a jasper motherboard." That DOES NOT MAKE SENCE.

    What files have to be modded for the lobby?

    A: Code_Post mp.ff, Patch_MP_FF

    and a few more but can't remember right now.

    What program do you use to boot the modded files?

    A: XexMenu, Xexloader

    What has to be bricked or removed in the jtag?

    A: The R6T3 Resister.

    If they answer all of these i'd trust him. I can host lobbies in either System link for a cheap fee or an online lobby but that would require enough people paying to buy a new KV if I don't have a enough people paying there is no point and is a waste of money.

  • Ann
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    4 years ago

    Hey Jim my gamertag is J A K 0 B I (the o is a zero)

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