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What are good makes of a .25 ACP pistol for deep concealed carry?

I am interested in a very small good quality .25 ACP pistol. And please save your breath on telling me that .380 is the minimum that should be used and 9mm is even better.

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    The smallest 25 acp is going to be the Baby Browning which is an old design with copies being made up until now, most recently by PSP in Chaolettesville VA, genuine FN approved copy.

    Also the Bauer pistol is a clone of the baby browning that sidesteps just enough to avoid the last few patents held on this near 100 year old design, made in the late 80s

    A tiny step up in size would be the Colt 1908, but that hasn't been made for 50+ years.

    Beretta Jetfire is anothe small one, but is a step up in size.

    All 3 of these guns are single action semiautos, old school designs without all the extra safety internal features we are used to.

    The smallest double action semiauto is probably the Beretta Bobcat, but here's the deal, right now the kel Tec 380 or the Ruger LCP is basically the same size as the Bobcat, and actually weighs less. The Kel Tec 32 is a tiny bit smaller yet, tiny bit lighter too

    if you really want small deep concealment then check out the Kel Tec 32 and the kel tec 380 or Ruger LCP. Go to a gunshop and compare them to the bobcat. You'll walk away with the 32 or 380 in your pocket instead.

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    With respect to everyone's answers on the lowly .25 acp as a SD round there isn't a single person who'd volunteer to provide center mass for say 7 rounds @ 7 yards? I didn't think so. The BEST .25 acp. is the CZ45. It's a very, very high quality double action only trigger. Made in The Czech Republic.

    Most of the ones mentioned while quality are single action or single/double action. Some have 2 safties. A hammer/striker safety and a trugger safty. In a high strss, life or death situation the LAST thing one wants to do is ANYTHING except point and shoot. That's where the double action trigger is most valuable. It's pull weight is somewhere between 7-9lbs and they can be dropped from 10 ft onto concrete w/o an accidental discharge. Intratec made a clone of the CZ45 in the early 90s. If you run across!!! To say they are a POS is to insult firearms that actually are a POS.

    Again for the money/size there are more powerful caliber HGs made of polymer, etc, but when thinking of shot placement as the main goal I'd rather have a weighty .25 than an uber light .380 that's virtually impossible to keep close groups in emptying a 6-7 round mag in under 5 secs. The CZ45 will allow one to do that. How do I know all this? I own one and have shot several of them. .25 acp ismy EDC. Why? Because ammo is always available as NOBODY uses it, anymore.

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    Try shooting a .380 ACP, and then try shooting a 9mm Parabellum. You'll find that both of those are easy to shoot, and a 9mm Parabellum is much cheaper to feed than either a .380 ACP or a .32 ACP. You're obviously not experienced enough to use a .32 ACP effectively as a self defense gun. If you were, you'd know better... like Lime Green said. No idea who gave him a thumbs down, but he's right on the money, as usual. One more thing- .32 ACP ammo isn't nearly as easy to find as 9mm Parabellum, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP. You might also want to look at .45 ACP, since it has a nice, slow recoil that's typically pretty manageable in a medium-frame or larger handgun. It depends on your body size- if you can carry something the size of a Glock 19 with no problem, do so. If you're a relatively small guy, you're probably going to want something else. Oh, and one MORE thing- don't disregard revolvers. A .38 Special has mild recoil, and is quite effective for self defense.

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    Best 25 Acp Pistol

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    I have the Kel Tec P-32 and it is one great pocket gun. I have 700 flawless rounds thru it. I can hit head or chest shots from 3 to 30 feet. Much better than a .25 acp. The P-32 has little recoil. The small .380 guns have a lot of recoil.

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    Don't know if they are still around or not but years ago I had a nice Baur 25 auto, stainless; about like the little browning 25 auto. Take a look at the Beretta Bobcat 22 LR jobbie; stainless and exposed hammer version semi-auto that is compact, easy to lose in your pocket; and nasty to be shot with.

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    I have a Berretta Tomcat in .32 acp, I'm not sure if they make it in .25 or not, but it is excellent quality, as small as any .25 I've seen, it's a little less anemic than a .25, and it has a tip-up barrel that makes it easy to load and unload, just keep the magazine in and release the barrel to load/unload as needed.

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    Beretta 950 25 ACP. NAA also makes a 5 shot mini revolver, but it is not chambered in .25 acp, only .22 short, long, and magnum

    The beretta 21a is very similar to the 950

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    Sorry, VLD, I'd pass on the .25 ACP. The NAA Pug in 22 mag. is a nasty little, unique, deep-hide pistol. I see them as used guns under $200 in my area.

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    I love mouse guns, but would never carry a .25ACP. At the minimum, a .22LR would be better, it actually develops more energy than almost all .25ACP loadings. If you insist, beretta makes a small one. Or even an old baby browning in good shape would work very well. Same for the FNH clone.

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