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what kind of deck should i make? yu-gi-oh?

I want a deck that not many people have, or no people have. ive seen people with spell caster decks spell counter decks water fire rock machine dark light twilight (light and dark) psychic and all that stuff. I want one that will be good and can be used well. if u can give me a deck list or just a link. if not then just try to get me a saying on what deck to build.

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    Make the Legendary Mish-Mash Deck! A bunch of cards that are really good, but don't have a theme at all! Stuff like Neo-Spacian Grand Mole, Burden of the Mighty, Mirror Force, D.D. Crow, whatever you can think of! It may be difficult to put together, but it's really fun to play with.

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    Just build antimeta deck.I prefer skill drain beatdown,gadget oppression,or stun deck.I believe this deck really annoying for meta now.This is ex of skill drain beatdown.


    3x Beast king barbaros

    3x Fusilier dragon dual mode beast

    3x Thunder king rai oh

    3x Chainsaw insect

    3x Goblin attack force

    2x A cat ill owmen

    2x Big shield gardna

    1x Doomcaliber knight

    1x Pitch black warwolf


    2x Burden of mighty

    1x Card destruction

    1x Lightning vortex

    1x Smashing ground

    2x Book of moon

    1x Sword of revealing light

    1x Pot of avarice

    1x Heavy storm

    1x Mystical space thypoon


    2x Skill drain

    2x Royal oppression

    1x Magic jammer

    2x Cursed of royal

    1x Solemn judgement

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    kaiba deck. i just made one and its so freakin awesome. seriously dont laugh. ppl say that oh why would you want to make a kaiba deck. they suck. but you know what they dont suck at all. i bet my kaiba deck could bet theres deck. kaiba has alot of good cards.

    oh dont forget to add a few red eyes darkness metal dragons in his deck. works really well to get blue eyes out of your hand.

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