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Good Cheap Mountain Bike no crappy brands!!!!?

I would like to spend 200-300 dollars what is a good one it must be suspension i dont care if its a hardtail or full. and tell me what you think of the genisis v2100 Thanks alot =)

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    the genisis v2100 is a crappy brand as you call still uses a freewheel meaning you will bend the axle on any trail riding

    get a triace

    its all the same or better Components as a trek 3900 but 150 cheaper

    verses trek 3900

    it has the same SR Suntour XCT V2 fork

    sram Cassette 24 speed

    better hubs, quick release front and rear(freehub not a freewheel)

    same front and rear Derailleurs

    same crank and same crank arms and sealed cartridge bottom bracket

    same shifter

    better handle bars(carbon fiber)

    Aluminum alloy rims double wall(much stronger then 820) and frame

    same weight less then the 820

    and best of all none of the crappy trek made Bontrager components

    it is a nice brand new to the US,

    here on of the higher end bikes to show you it not a crappy brand


    link works now

    the cannondale Scalpel and moto along with many other top bands such as specialized - enduro also uses 24 spoke rims. the rims are fine they will easly hold up.

    the bike is a much better buy then a two year old trek 3500, 3700 or 820 with a freewheel and low end parts.

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    Good Cheap Mountain Bike no crappy brands!!!!?

    The best place to buy cheap Mountain Bikes online is at who stock a massive collection to choose from.

    Get a mountain-bike for your whole family including popular brands like Diamondback, Mongoose, Kawasaki and even folding bikes. Honestly you will be spoilt for choice!

    Mountain bikes are great for recreational users because they provide an excellent form of transportation which is both healthy and reliable. Mountain bikes consist of a few different components that dictate the bikes overall performance, and essentially its value.

    Mountain bikes are separated into types based on their design. There are four main designs of mountain bikes that are geared toward different activities, and they can be differentiated based on their suspension. Rigid for ridding on smooth terrain, Hardtail and Softtail for riding on uneven terrain and Dual or Full Suspension for riding over very rugged terrain.

    Mountain bikes are super versatile. They can be used to haul groceries home, cruise the bike path or tour the planet. But their primary use is to capably get their riders along dirt trails.

    Mountain biking is a sport that is rapidly growing in popularity since it is exciting, a great way to stay in shape, and allows participants to enjoy the outdoors all at once.

    Source(s): Buy Mountain Bikes and Accessories Online .
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    If you cannot find a new road bike for cheap enough, i would fix up the old one. I was int he same position some years ago, and i fixed up the older bike that i owned. It will be cheaper. And it would also help you to save up for new road bike. the older bike that i fixed up was also too big for me. but i roade it anyways. I don't think that 3 cm will effecct you too much. But you will have to be catuous. too larg of a frame can casue you pain. butlike i said, 3 cm shouldn't make a big difference happy cycling!

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    The link Graham R left is no good. I think he means Triace 26" Mountain Bike found on this link...

    Have you seen the spoke count per wheel? Only 24 spokes per wheel? That won't take much use or abuse.

    For $200, look through craigslist for a quality used bike with names like Raleigh, Trek, Giant, Specialized, etc.

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    Dude---300 bucks will get you a QUALITY,well constructed rig at ( front suspension included)- TRASH the WalMart bike sellers---they sell clunkers---and have the most mediocre components----go to ( sporting goods\outdoor sports\CYCLING-full mt. bikes) for options!

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    Sorry I don't know about this

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    ashes to ashes and dust to dust, oil them brains 'afor they rust.

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