okay so I know I have asked this before but still confused...?

okay so my friends and I had a party on the beach ....My friend Adam was there I really like Adam,,And our mutual friend Diego was there too...Diego and I are pretty close and I can tell him anything ....Well Diego sat down beside me and says "You love him don't you???" I said "who??" because at first I didn't know who he was on about but then he nodded towards Adam..Then I said "Well I admit that I do like him but I duno about love yet..!!" Diego said "well at least your being honest with me but just so you know I reckon you love him...." and he smiled ..Next thing Adam sits between us so we stopped talking about it...But later I find out Adam's brother Brandon likes me ...Brandon is a year older than Adam...He made it obvious on several occassions throughout the night and it was a lil awkward .....Brandon is a sweet guy 2 but he's Adams brother so because I like Adam ..Brandon is a no go area for me...Before this night things between me and Adam had felt different I didn't think he liked me though...I'm still not sure but we felt closer than normal...Adam had gotten back with his ex Sarah but thats when we started 2 feel closer than ever so I was confused and his mom met me for the first time and said "its nice to finally put a face to the name i've been hearing alot about u from Adam...." I caught Adam looking at me acroos the classroom before but idk...well anyway when I first arrived on the beach that night he was looking at me from a distance and whenever I looked at him he was looking at me... so eventually he came over and we got chatting and he tells me that he told Sarah to F*** Off and he doesn't care about her anymore...we spent most the night together after that and he also told me he didn't want Brandon there..I asked why and he said something about Brandon going out all year and he didn't get the chance with exams(we had finals this year) ...But now I'm wondering is that really the reason because what difference would it make to him....??? we lay in the sand watching the stars together it was nice...so I guess my question is do you think Adam likes me??? is his reason for not wanting Brandon there the real reason??? Idk any info welcome maybe I just cant see this clearly coz I'm involved..can u please help me thanx...:P

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Sarah had used him and hurt him in the past though...

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    I think you're hunch is right. I think he only got back with "Sarah" only because he thought you and Diego were together (since you were sitting together on the beach). Then he probably realized you weren't and decided to get closer with you! I think... I KNOW that he likes you a lot so you should try your best to get him to ask you out! Good luck!

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    If I were you, I would ask him outright whether he liked you or not. Then after asking him, ask him the real reason why he doesn't want his brother there. Whatever you do though, take it slow. Don't rush into it because you finally got the guy you wanted. And Diego might like you too if he noticed that you like Adam so be careful with all three of them.

    Good Luck and God Bless :) x

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    Thats so cute...I wish me and my love got together like that..

    Yes, I think he likes you, staring at you from a distance is an obvious sign, he doesn't want his older brother there, probably because he seen him flirting with you and using exams as an excuse to let you know that. If he's telling you that he told his ex to f*** off, than that is also a sign he likes you, because he's letting you know he broke up with his ex. You should just flirt with him more, next time poke him, tease him in a friendly way, look into his eyes, and try holding his hand. Those are all signs you can give a guy, you like him. Also give him hugs.

    Good Luck :)

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    I would say that i do think Adam likes you, but i would definitely talk to him first to see if its real

    and i think he doesnt want to invite brandon because he suspects or know that he likes you, maybe he told his brother to back off, or something, who knows, but yes i think he likes you, and i think that if you see brandon anywhere and he starts to hit on you or tell you he likes you, just say that you're sorry and you like his brother

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  • From my experience, I think Adam is jealous of Brandon and doesn't won't to get between his life. This shows that he really likes you and you should wait until he asks you out. if he doesn't, maybe he's taking it slow.

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    okay adam definetly likes you :)

    im sure brandon will back off because he would want his own abrther and you to be happy

    just hang out with adam more and see where things go :)

  • Ok so it sounds like he likes you!!! <3 but one thing you will never know for an exact, unless you ask him out or tell him you like him. If he feels differently, well then at least you can move on right? and if he does feel the way you do then happy ending!

    love is all about taking chances, might as well start now :)

    I tried this because my friend said either I do it myself or she was gonna do it for me and that would have been embaressing... so I tried it and my crush, his name will stay silent, said he feels the same, so here we are :D hope it works out for you!

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    Yea i think Adam likes you, and he just doesn't want Brandon there because he knows that Brandon likes you too.

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    Adam totally loves you! He doesn't want brandon there because he likes you too. So, you should go for it! =D

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    I don't know how old you are, but I'm glad I'm not that age anymore. I would never want to be with a guy who said he told his girlfriend to F*** Off, I don't care what she did. Unlike everyone else, I say if you're wondering about his feelings now, you'll be wondering even more later. Heaven forbid he should look at another girl when you're together, you'll always wonder...

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