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Why does the wall switch not control the ceiling fan and light system?

All my three bedrooms have fan/light fixture, but none of the wall switches now can turn on the light or fan. I now use pull chains. Once, the switch turned on the fan in one room, but the light in another room stopped working with pull chain. The three switches control the wall outlet perfectly. Please help.

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    The lights must be on a separate circut than the outlet switches in at least two of the rooms. The builder may have attached the fans/lights to their own direct curcit with no wall switch just the ceiling box. To test this turn the fans with lights on by the pull cords put separate lamps into a wall outlets you know are controled by the light switchs and turn them on as well. You should now have both the fan/lights and the lamps on, so now go to your breaker box. Hopefully it is marked but if not This is a good time to do this. Just start switching one off at a time marking down what each ones goes to until you find the ones that control the fan/lights and the lamps. If they both go out at the same time in each room they are on one breaker if not they are like I think and are separate. If they are the same breaker you will need an electrician to come and run a new wire from the ceiling box to the wall box and change the plate out to a two switch plate. If they are separate you have a problem in the ceiling box or pull switch in the fan that wont turn on and off any more. You can have the part or the whole fan replaced. If you want the fan to be controled also by a wall switch you will have to hire an electrician to do the job for you. What would be worse is if all of the ceiling boxes are all on one circut and all go out together, then you realy need an electrician to un do this mess.

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    If the wires are the place they could desire to be then confident. If the ability is going to the fan and then to the swap it extremely is uncomplicated only circulate the ability bring about the fan and the swap lead and circulate away the swap linked to the lighting fixtures fixtures. If the ability is going to the swap then to the fan you desire one extra twine to take the nice and comfortable bring about the fan. verify on the swap container for the form of wires in it. a million cable then confident, 2 cables, according to possibility if certainly one of them is a three conductor wg. 2 cables and the two are 2 conductors then you definately desire a distant administration swap.

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