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Do I wiegh to much to be a high school cheerleading flyer?

I'm in 9th grade and im 5'2 i can hold my weight good and i have flown before but I have just made the high school team and am worried about if i weight to much to be a flyer. Btw i weigh 108.

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    Like everyone has said 108 is a completely average weight.

    It doesn't matter if you're 140, if you can hold your weight like you say you can then there shouldn't be a problem, because it would feel like you're holding someone lighter.

    Another girl answered about not being a flyer, but notice she is a college cheerleader. That is A LOT different than high school. They don't look at things the same because there stunts are more advanced and extreme.

    As long as you think you can then you can.

    If you are feeling self-conscious then you should give flying a feel for a few days and then if it doesn't feel right ask you coach if you could learn how to base.

    Good Luck!

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    108 is a healthy weight for 5'2 and for a 9th grader. Rather you fly or not will depend on your experience and who you are cheering with. You could be 150 lbs but if you stay tight you will go up just fine, it is all in technique.

    I have to say that I doubt you will fly though. I cheer for a college team. All of out girls are between 19 & 24 years old and we do not have a single flier over 100 lbs. I remember when I was in high school cheering the fliers were always really small (less than 100 and usually shorter than 5') but once again that is just my experience.

    Being a flier is not all its cracked up to be. They get hurt the most and use the least athletic ability.

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    You do not weigh too much to be a flyer, I am the same height as you, and I weigh a lot more. LOL, I could probably never weigh 108 pounds. You are perfect weight for your height!

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    I have done cheer at my school as a freshmen this year, and though i didn't get on varsity i fly and i think i can help you out. being 5 feet tall and pretty small, there was no doubt i would try flying. and now, it is one of my favorite things about cheerleading. i have a friend, around your height, who also flies. I am sure you could fly, because of your size, yet it truly is about stiffness. anyone can fly if they are stiff enough. when you are up there, you have to feel the stiffness. the first day of cheer, i went up in an elevator and the next day, i was sore, just like the girls lifting me! it was tough tensing all my muscles, but now i am more confident and am able to do other things too. one of my good friends who is around your height wasn't put as a flyer in the line up. The thing is, on my team there were a lot of small girls, so she didn't get to fly. I wasn't put in the line up as a flyer either, yet i learned hoe to do an extension..cradle.. etc and got to show off a lot of my stuff in games. My friend now is proud to be a strong base, and lifts me up in a lot of stunts. stunts really aren't everything, there are other cheers and dances, and in the end, i find it is all about what you can do for the team. i have to occasionally lift up people, though i also flew, so remember it is all about the team! ** based on all of that, i think you would get the chance to try flying a couple times, and my main tip for you is to be extremely stiff.**

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    no you absolutely don't! I'm 5"2 and 132 lbs and there are 3 flyers on my team. I am one of them. The other 2 weigh like 110ish. My coach tried almost all the girls in the air at tryouts but it was really about who squeezed and stayed in the air. My weight comes all from muscle though, because I do allstar cheer and workout every day. I used to base for allstar cheer and I would've chosen a "heavier" flyer who squeezed and lifted up than a "fetus flyer" who was loose and fell everywhere.

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    No you are not to heavy. I am a junior in high school and am on my schools varsity team and on an All-Star team. I am around 5'7.5" and way between 135-145 pounds and am a flier on the All-Star team. Weight in my opinion isn't really that big of an issue as long as you have bases and spots that are able to support you.

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    108 is nothing.

    i have been cheering for 5 years and the flyers in 7th-8th grade

    are anywhere from 85-115 pounds (:

    And i was a base so it felt like nothing.

    plus even if you are not a flyer,

    cheerleading is still super fun (:

    trust me (;

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    uh, it's high school. i'm sure there's lots of people who weigh more than you and don't worry as much. don't worry;; i'm a flyer too (but im short). i think it's fine.

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    you weigh 108 and you're in 9th grade?

    that's absolutely average. i don't see why you would think you're fat.

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    108lbs is average for your height. I think that you are perfectly capeable of flying.

    Goodluck! And I wish you the best! :D

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