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I'm a 20 year old female looking to move to Washington state from California at the end of this year.?

I LOVE the rain, and I heard that Washington state would be a great place to live, but i would like to know where are the good cities to live. Like reasonable pricing, diversity, and easy going people. I'm looking to move there by the end of this year or the beginning of next. At first i had my heart set on Seattle, but now I'm quite open minded on anywhere in the area. I've been in California all of my life and I'm ready for a more peaceful, cooler (climate wise), and different type of place to live. Thanks for your answers ahead of time! ^_^v

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    Well I've lived in Snohomish County all of my life and I think parts of it could fit your desires. It is on the north side of Seattle. Mukilteo was named a best place to live in the country but the housing prices are a bit high there since much of it is view property. Nearby is Everett which has become quite diverse in recent years. Everett has a variety of neighborhoods with higher and lower priced areas. The county as a whole is cheaper than Seattle but moderately high compared to the nation, although probably cheaper than California . I don't know if you plan to work or go to school though. For work, Boeing is between these two towns, and many employers in Seattle and Bellevue are in commuting distance (although the traffic sucks). For school there are community colleges around, with many upper level programs through universities, but Snohomish county doesn't have a good sized 4-yr school. For that Bellingham may indeed be your best bet. I think its pricing is better, but I don't know how diverse it is. It too was on somebody's top places to live a few years back.

    If you love the rain, though, do stay on the west side of the Cascades.

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    I suggest Bellingham. A smaller, laid-back city, home of Western Washington University. A good launching platform to explore the North Cascades, Mt. Baker, the San Juan's, or venture north into Canada.

    Welcome to Washington, although I confess that I (like a lot of locals) feel that there are too many people here already, especially displaced Californians. The best way to overcome that prejudice is to become part of Washington (both the rural and urban) and don't try to Californicate it.

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    that's nice..


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