Can a musician make it in nashville?

How hard is it to get noticed in Nashville?

And how do ordinary country musicians make a living...if they arent famous?

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    1 decade ago
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    To make it in Nashville.. YOU MUST BE VERY GOOD. There are about 300 OUT OF WORK MUSICIANS at any given time and about 3000 SINGERS don't have work. Unless you are a terriffic musician, so you can pick up session work.. you can easily starve on the streets in Nashvile. It's a very hard market to find work., especially now when they are still trying to recover from the flood

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    If you're really good. The problem is, there's no shortage of fine musicians in Nashville, so it takes more to get noticed...

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    Practice as much as you can til your as good as you can possibly be

    if your with a band, make sure you can play your own songs/ cover songs perfectly

    Once you/your band are at this stage, Gig like crazy, get gigs in every bar/venue you can

    Sooner or later you'll get noticed

    Also if you can once you have gigged a lot in your local area, expand your fanbase by gigging a wee bit further from your home

    Good luck getting noticed :)

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