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急!急!急! 煩幫忙翻譯商業英文書信,介紹公司背景,不用照字面單字一樣的翻法,用流暢的方式翻譯






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    1. from the very beginning we are truly only then two person's companies, establishes together in July, 2008, the main foundation member accumulates has 14 year research and development product experience, is responsible to research and develop the technical work, a person is responsible for the logistics support the work (such as the purchase, accountant, the administration .....And so on) 2.2009 years, joined three to research and develop engineer 3.2010 the beginning of the year, joined three member present company member eight again, because the company grew day after day the scale, sought the outstanding talent to join our work team one after another urgently at present


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    Company background

    1. Company were established at july ,2008 , at first compnay only have two

    members , Pioneer founder acculamated 14 years Product development and R&D experience , the other one is responsible for logists such as procurement &

    Accounting & administraion affairs ,.etc.

    2. 3 R&D engineers join our team at 2009

    3. 3 menbers join at early year of 2010.

    Nowdays, Company have eight members , in order to meet further requirement of

    company growth , we are pressing to recuit promising and outstanding star to join

    our workforce penel.

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    1 一開始我們確實是只有兩個人的公司,

    As the matter of fact, we run two companies at the beggining ,


    . 負責研發技術工作,

    Being founded in July 2008 about our compnies,

    . the main owner who certainly have accumlated a 14-years

    . development in his experience.

    . and in charge of the position making skilled works.


    Selecting one person who takes full responsibility to back- up

    . our works .

    [ such as purchases, accounting,administration..and so on].

    2.2009年,加入了三位研發工程師 3.2010年初,再加入三位成員

    It is from in 2009 ,with joining the 3 Searches-Developments

    . Engineers

    3 .2010年初,再加入三位成員

    Up to 2010 early, it's have even more 3 members again .


    At this time, there are eight members in our company.

    Due to filling a great expansion bussiness in our company ,

    . we are urgently looking for some excelent staffs

    . and let's them come together with our work-team as well.

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    1. We are a two-people company in the very beginning when this company established in July 2008. The founders of this company have 14 years experience in product research and development. One of the founders is responsible for the work of technical research and development, the other is responsible for the administration, such as: procurement, accounting, management, etc...)

    2. In 2009, three RD engineers came to join with us.

    3. In 2010, we have recruited three more members.

    And now, this company becomes an eight-people company, and it seems not so sufficient as larger and larger in business scale than before of our company is; we need more and more outstanding person like you to work with us.

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